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This super popular YouTuber just came out, says “Basically, I’m gay”

Daniel Howell

British YouTuber Daniel Howell boasts an impressive 6.5 million YouTube followers and 3.8 million Instagram followers.

In a video tiled “Basically I’m gay” that was uploaded to his channel yesterday, he alerted them that basically, well, he’s gay!

“We live in a heteronormative world,” the 27-year-old says. “What this means is that most people are presumed to be straight so, if you’re not, at some point you have to come out.”

“So yep: I’m here, I’m queer and don’t worry, I’m still filled with existential fear.”

In the 45-minute video, Howell goes on to explain his coming out journey, why he has decided to do so now, and just what queerness means to him.