SuperXClusivo Super Sorry For Calling Ricky Martin a ‘Pato’

So this is the apology from SuperXClusivo, the Puerto Rican chat fest that got off on calling Ricky Martin a fag (or a pato). If someone can translate what hosts Kobbo Santarrosa and Hector Travieso are saying, that’d be great. The apology comes after a major effort from Puerto Rican activist Pedro Julio Serrano, who was heavily involved in the response after Jorge Steven López Mercado’s slaying there, and who called into the show in the above segment, as well as GLAAD and a campaign from NYC officials to get the FCC to investigate.

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    They had no right to do it in the first place! Shame, truly shame on the producers for allowing such barbarity to beam across the globe.

  • Nelson G

    Hector Travieso – It’s 630pm and we are here live on SuperXClusivo. Now it’s time to hear from La Comay. which the entire world has been waiting for.

    La Comay – Ladies and Gentlemen, my viewers here in Puerto Rico and on WAPA America.

    You all know that I am very sincere minded individual. Not just me, but also my manager, Kobbo Santorrosa, Hector Travieso, and SuperXClusivo.

    Last week, we discussed the case of Ricky Martin and his annoucement that he is homosexual. During that time, we made use of a word, pato.

    A number of people, particularly members of the gay and lesbian community felt offended by the word.

    We would like to indicate to everyone, and make it very clear, to the gay and lesbian community in Puerto Rico, the American nation and here in Puerto Rico, that it was never our intent, I repeat, never our intent, to offend anyone with our use of the word or adjective.

    We were using the term purely for entertainment purposes.

    We have spoken with many of our friends in the gay and lesbian community, and they have explained to us the signifance of the word or adjective and it’s effects on gays and lesbians.

    While there are some who are not bothered by the term, there are others who find the term offensive.

    And I would like to make it as very clear as I can be.

    We here at SuperXClusivo would like to make it known to the gay and lesbian community that hereafter, we will stop using the word or adjective as of today, we will also stop talking about the gay and lesbian community.

    This incident has not only affected our friends to which me, my manager, Kobbo Santorrosa and Hector Travieso have many, but also those who watch here regularly on WAPA TV and WAPA America. We would like to offer our most sincere apologies to both our public and the gay, lesbian, and transgender community here in Puerto Rico and in the United States. Thank you for your attention. Hector.

    Hector Travieso – Yes of course. I’m in solidarity entirely with the statement you gave. We have always sought to provide our viewers with the best possible form of entertainment. I’ve been involved in entertainment for over forty years and it was always my understanding that this was comedy, but that was then. But if there are people taking offense to it, then I join with everyone in solidarity.

    La Comay – And just to let everyone know that our intentions are very much genuine, I have on the phone, from New York City, Pedro Julio Serrano. Hello?

    Pedro Julio Serrano – Hello, Comay; Hello Hector.

    Hector – Hello Pedro

    La Comay – I’m not sure if you had an opportunity to hear what I just finished saying on behalf of myself, my manager Kobbo Santorrosa, and Hector Travieso to the gay and lesbian community and about that word which I will not repeat, because I said I would not.

    The rest of it involves Pedro making a long acceptance style speech and La Comay and Mr. Travieso personal apologies for their personal attack against him.

  • EdWoody

    @Nelson G: So all the above boils down to is effectively, “If we can’t use the word we want, we’re not going to mention you at all.” Followed by a stamp of the foot and running off to mummy.

  • Ogre Magi


  • BSP

    @EdWoody: Actually, La Comay says that they will stop talking about the gay and lesbian community DISPARAGINGLY (the word they used in Spanish was ‘despectivamente’). That was missing from Nelson G’s translated transcription (and my intention isn’t to call you out Nelson G :))

  • Nelson G

    @BSP: Okidokie. Translating spanish to english is an acquired science and requires more time and patience.

    Nonetheless,in the two days since, they appear to be making good on their word and it doesn’t appear at all their format hasn’t been affected by the changes.

  • BSP

    @Nelson G: I completely agree it’s not easy, that’s why I didn’t call you out – I tried to say it as respectfully as possible. But I figured I’d fill in because the omission of that word was actually pretty crucial to the meaning of the sentence (as the commenter above demonstrates). You did a an excellent job overall, and thank you for doing it.

    Their sincere apology is truly historic as it signals a cultural shift in Puerto Rico that I hope extends to the rest of Latin America.

  • BSP

    Oops that sentence should read: “But I figured I’d fill in because the omitted word actually was very crucial to the sentence’s meaning (as the commenter above demonstrates)” * my bad!

  • OhYeah

    Well, Ricky Martin IS a pato, no?

  • Rod

    Being puertorican, the word PATO, when referring to a homosexual; is very common, even to call a friend for the heck of it. The gay and lesbian are getting sensitive, and I understand their point. A tv anouncer should not use this word.

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