Supreme Court Will Probably Rule on Marriage Equality This Week

adj Official CJ RobertsOh, what’s that? A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on marriage equality is coming sometime this week? Well, that should be fun.

It’s our own success that’s gotten us into this predicament. The movement has gotten really really good at litigating on marriage equality, which is why we’ve seen a ton of victories in the last few months. And after last week’s win in Virginia, our chances of a full federal victory are looking better than ever.

That’s why a federal court in Virginia has refused to delay the start of marriage in that state. (And possibly for neighboring states as well. Nobody’s quite sure how far the 4th Circuit’s ruling extends.) Marriages are due to begin in VA on Thursday of this week, which has our opponents a little upset. They’ve filed emergency papers with the Supreme Court, asking Chief Justice Roberts to stop gays from marrying before it’s too late.

For his part, Roberts has asked for more briefings, due at the end of the day on Monday. And then he’s likely to rule sometime after that. If we had to gamble on the outcome, we’d guess that he’ll delay the Virginia marriages for a little while, so nobody can get married until the Supreme Court can weigh in. That seems particularly likely now that a judge in Tennessee has ruled against equality, indicating that there is still some difference of opinion on the issue.

But then again, Roberts might surprise us! Hard to predict, those weird justices.