Sexy Beast

Surprise! Joe Manganiello Looking Shirtlessly Fine in GQ

THE SHOT — We haven’t been shy about how True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello makes our groins quiver. The sexy beast is featured in July’s issue of GQ, and we can’t wait to lick those glossy pages. Now if only someone could photoshop those skinny girls out of the photos…


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  • gregger

    He’s 4A. Anytime, anywhere. anyhow, anything.

  • Karl of Themyscira....the indescribable lightness of being Wonder Womans number one fan.

    I want him…
    oh…RIGHT NOW!!

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Too many clothes on that shoot

  • Red Meat

    Hairless body, hairy face, what a turn off. Keep the body hair, lose some of the face hair.

  • jason

    I am so sick of GQ’s heteronormative soft porn pictorials. As far as I’m concerned, the editors of GQ can go fuck themselves. They’re peddling homophobic, heteronormative garbage.

    Message to the editors of GQ magazine: you’re not welcome in the GLBT community. Go peddle your garbage elsewhere.

  • Jeffree

    Shiver me timbers! I agree with @christopher di spirito on number 2. Instant woood.

    @jason: Hey now, our lesbian sisters and actually-bi brothers might actually appreciate the lovely ladies. Kinda scrawny IMO, but i’m no expert.

  • babo

    Im not really surprised at all the abs showing and all the homoerotic elements oozing…GQ is very gay and I daresay that 90% of the staff and probably the editor in chief are gay..

  • jason

    GQ is run by enablers of the sleazy straight guy fantasy. The images are crassly sexist and heteronormative.

  • Zeus

    He looks so hot in those clothes. I love it when a straight guy wears clothes that aren’t just plain ol’ boring “straight guy” clothes.

  • True

    this guy has all the trappings of a future bloated 40 somthing in a few years playing thug roles. he should enjoy his 15 minutes now…

  • Lucky Luke


    And let us enjoy him while he enjoys his 15 minutes…

  • Rainfish

    I tried getting my abs like that one time by winding dental floss three times around my middle but only ended up looking like the Michelin Tire Man. …Oh well.

    I was wondering if I licked his belly really, really fast would it sound like putting one’s tongue in a window fan. Not that I would do either…I’m married (at least in few states). Still, it sounds nice — not the fan of course.

  • Spike

    All those hot girls around him and not so much as a semi. Hmmmmmm . . . . .

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