Survey Finds Nearly 25% Of Single Gay Men Don’t Use Condoms


Well this is alarming: a new study shows that lots of gay men are avoiding condoms. Some are opting for other measures, like PrEP (which, let’s remember, don’t prevent other STIs that condoms can block). Some are monogamous. And others are simply taking their chances.

Only about 36% of gay men didn’t have unprotected anal sex in the last year, according to the survey of UK gays. About 40% said that almost all of their sex was unprotected. Guys! What are you doing? Do you like getting gonorrhea shots?

Other findings include the discovery that about half had sex with only one partner in the last year, and slightly less than that are in a monogamous relationship.

Also, about half of the men who don’t use condoms are HIV negative. For now. Some of the men interviewed just prefer not to think about their chances of transmitting the virus. Others think that it’s not a big deal anymore. And a few said that the risk is all part of the fun. This must all seem very strange to people who are old enough to remember what it was like when all of their friends were suddenly dying.

Researchers also noted that some barebackers are also imitating the porn that they like to watch. That’s led to efforts to ban condomless porn, but the jury’s out on whether those legal measures actually have any impact on STI transmission rates.