Talk of Clay Aiken’s Sex Scandal Isn’t Welcome at ‘American Idol’ Finale

Clay Aiken

A forgettable brunette and a warbling, socially inept, prematurely aging lad? American Idol has nothing but bored us this season, which is why we tuned out even before Mandesa and Paris Bennett got the boot. But the latest news from inside the Idol camp – regarding Clay Aiken and his gay sex scandal – have our ears turned up once again.

As per a FOX/American Idol directive this afternoon, entertainment journalists covering the AI finale are being instructed that any attempt to question or solicit comment from Clay Aiken regarding his recent scandal will result in their being barred from the finale. …

The interesting thing is that the directive says IF Clay appears, so it seems like his appearance may still be in question. Clay’s name still has yet to appear on any call sheets or rehearsal information at the production office or Kodak.

We’re sure he’d love to show up, if only he could tear himself away from AIM Video chat.

‘American Idol’ to Journos: When It Comes To Clay Aiken, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [Jossip]