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Teachers caught trashing gay colleague in front of students on Zoom

Three teachers from a New Jersey high school are being investigated after they were caught on a Zoom chat trashing one of their LGBTQ colleagues.

The disturbing incident happened last Wednesday at Dumont High School. During a virtual learning session, three teachers, seemingly unaware that they were chatting in a public forum, attacked their fellow co-worker for being gay.

“Video from gay gym teacher,” one teacher wrote. “DELETE.”

To which another replied, “Who the hell is that kid with gay gym teacher?”

“She’s so full of herself,” a third remarked.

“Why is that kid with the gay gym teacher?” the first teacher then asked

“Is that her adopted kid?” the second asked. “Who is gonna be all f*cked up growing up watching 2 chicks kissing and calling them both mom.”

To make matters worse, students were on the call and could see everything their teachers were writing. One student took a screenshot and uploaded it to social media, where it quickly went viral.

Dumont Mayor Andrew LaBruno issued a statement calling the comments “disturbing and extremely appalling” and asking the school’s superintendent to investigate.

“These homophobic comments do not reflect our community’s values, nor do they represent our beliefs in the Borough of Dumont,” LaBruno said. “We are an inclusive and welcoming community.”

I have been made aware of some disturbing and extremely appalling comments between Dumont High School Teachers captured…

Posted by Andrew LaBruno Mayor of Dumont on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Superintendent Emanuele Triggiano has since confirmed that “the incident is being taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated,” and a statement on the school’s website says “the District will take all appropriate actions” once the investigation has been completed.

Meanwhile, almost 25,000 people have signed a petition calling on the three homophobic teachers to be fired.

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