Tender Bromances Budding Between Blake Shelton And Adam Levine, Jonah Hill And Paul Rudd

Whoa: Is country crooner Blake Shelton taking his bromance with his sexxxy Voice co-star Adam Levine too far?

At Cosmopolitan‘s Fun Fearless Awards in New York last week, Shelton confirmed the rumors of their whirlwind bromance to MTV News—then took it a step further. “I want to kiss him,” he averred. “I want to kiss him so bad.”

When asked if Adam, who’s has revealed he uses the pull-out method with his model girlfriend Anne V., would willingly return the kiss, Blake said: “I don’t care if it’s mutual or not.” Uh oh, is that rape-y or just cute?

Elsewhere at the star-studded Cosmo party, another bromance budded, this one between Jonah Hill and Paul.

The New York Post reports that Hill and Rudd “swayed cheek to cheek, with Rudd taking the lead” during Robin Thicke’s performance.

Which bromance are you guys more jazzed about: Blake and Adam’s or Jonah and Paul’s?

Photos via Cosmo, Keith Hinkle; Photo-illustration by Evan Mulvihill