Apology accepted

Terry Crews shows Kevin Hart how it’s done, apologizes for homophobic remarks made earlier this week

Terry Crews found himself in hot water  this week for homophobic remarks he made calling children of same-sex parents “severely malnourished” because they aren’t raised by a mother and a father.

The former NFL linebacker and current star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was responding to a New York Times op-ed on parenting when he tweeted, “I believe paternal AND maternal love are like vitamins and minerals to humanity.”

When a follower pointed out that a child “will not starve” for having two loving, same-sex parents, Crews responded with “but they will be severely malnourished.”

A firestorm ensued.

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Now, Crews has apologized for his remarks. In a tweet yesterday, he credited his Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Stephanie Beatriz, who is bisexual, for helping him understand why what he said caused such an uproar.

“Had a great talk with @iamstephbeatz this morning on set that shed a lot of light on why the LBGTQ community were hurt by my comments,” he tweeted. “I want to apologize for anyone who was triggered or felt targeted. I was speaking out of my very personal experiences as a Black Father.”

“And while these experiences for me are very true and real, these can differ greatly from the experiences of others,” he added. “Being able to sit with @iamstephbeatz gave me a perspective I had not seen before.”

Crews, for his part, has a history of speaking out against homophobia in other areas. Earlier this year, he criticized comedian Kevin Hart for playing the victim after he refused to apologize for homophobic jokes. Crews has also vocally supported the #MeToo movement by sharing his own story of sexual assault.

Look, we all put our foot in our mouth from time to time, and Crews has long been an LGBTQ ally. It seems like he’s really made an effort to understand why his remarks were problematic and to make amends, so… apology accepted!

See, Kevin Hart, it’s really not that hard.

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