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Texas’ Gay Divorcee Doesn’t Want to Be Your Poster Child for Gay Marriage

For whatever reason, Texas’ gay divorce plaintiff Jeffrey Buck still doesn’t want his full name used in the press when people talk about his pretty rad court case, where he got a judge to declare unconstitutional the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. But Buck is, bizarrely, a “hero” to the gays, because it’s through his unhappiness and the end of his marriage that’s got Texas’ anti-gay legal system stirring up some crap.

Not that Buck wants to be your post child, he tells Good Morning America. “This is my battle over the full faith credit,” he says. “This is not about gay and lesbian marriage.”

Sound bitter? That’s because the gay legal community never got behind him, says Buck. Which is interesting, because we could rattle off a handful of LGBT legal groups that would love a case like this. Or, uh, maybe they wanted to play hands off because Buck was dealing with a divorce, and that looks bad for the gays fighting for marriage rights?

Well at least he’ll have a dining pal in Martina Navratilova.

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  • Fitz

    Well, yea- I can see him being bitter about a lack of support. and yes, divorce has to be part of the marriage equation, so as case law– this is important. Finally– ever had a real relationship end? not exactly a wonderful “get out in the world” moment in life. Give the man time.

  • Elvis

    Unfortunately, there is not enough money for the gay legal groups to fund every case. An evaluation must be made on the likelihood of success. His initial win is very lucky for Texas. Let’s see how it holds up in he Texas appellate courts, mostly very right wing.

    In case Queerty has not noticed, there are several cases currently backed by the gay legal groups that are costing a fortune to keep going. This is a good time for Queerty readers to send donations to their favorite gay groups that are fighting for the rights of ALL of us.

  • Sam

    Gay groups have filed divorce cases (and lost) in much more liberal states than Texas (Rhode Island, for one). If he didn’t get any support, it’s probably because these groups can’t take every case and probably thought his chances for success were slim.

    Sadly, this case will probably end up making no difference, as an appeals court will overturn faster than you can say “beers, steers and queers.”

  • Paul

    I didn’t see him asking for financial support from gay legal groups, I saw him expressing, with anguish, a lack of ANY support. And he uses the initials JD because he lives in Texas and wants to stay alive – takes a lot of guts to go on GMA without a disguise and discuss this hot topic in a red state. GOOD FOR HIM.

    And that GMA Journalist was about as sensitive as a Trucker… “Are you celebrating?” Wow.

  • Lise

    Gay rights groups avoiding helping his case were shallow dumbasses. We need full rights, period. I remember for the first year after Canada legalized gay marriage, they also forget to legalize divorce.

  • Brad

    Reality check for those that have not followed the case from the start. Lambda Legal was one of the most vocal agents against this guy from the beginning. They did not have to take the case to back him or assist did they? Am I missing something?

    You say it would have been a tough case. So what? You think this is going to be easy where? Do you think the people that marched in Selma got to pick the effort for their time?

    Do you blame the guy for being bitter?

    If anything, he is a hero for standing up to the gay community and our own internal discriminatory behaviors! We have learned nothing from our past struggles.

    And so you are going to justify outing him how?

    Sounds more like we are pissed he called us on our own ineffectiveness and are trying to get back at him rather than treating him like a hero. Double standard folks.

    And with this – did you even think about whether or not you bring harm to this man living in a place like Texas?

    What do you people want? A Martyr?

  • rudy

    I can’t recall ever seeing anyone who wanted to remain anonymous announce it on national television without their image scrambled and face blocked out.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I miss those strategic black strips on faces of celebrities fashion faux pas! Now, to quote Patsy Stone, “the world is your gynecologist!”

    On the subject of marriage, Gay or otherwise – it’s worth noting that over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

    Hence, the bitter divorcee!

    Seriously (or not), he must be going for the JohnandKateplusHate publicity (whining in public) but there are legal precedents here even if the messenger is like a scab you keep picking but know you shouldn’t.

    I wouldn’t use my last name in Texas (even Dallas) without fear of a can of whoop-ass!

  • McShane

    If gays want Marriage, judging from straight stats, they had better get accustomed to divorce.

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