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Texas’ Gay Divorcee Doesn’t Want to Be Your Poster Child for Gay Marriage

For whatever reason, Texas’ gay divorce plaintiff Jeffrey Buck still doesn’t want his full name used in the press when people talk about his pretty rad court case, where he got a judge to declare unconstitutional the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. But Buck is, bizarrely, a “hero” to the gays, because it’s through his unhappiness and the end of his marriage that’s got Texas’ anti-gay legal system stirring up some crap.

Not that Buck wants to be your post child, he tells Good Morning America. “This is my battle over the full faith credit,” he says. “This is not about gay and lesbian marriage.”

Sound bitter? That’s because the gay legal community never got behind him, says Buck. Which is interesting, because we could rattle off a handful of LGBT legal groups that would love a case like this. Or, uh, maybe they wanted to play hands off because Buck was dealing with a divorce, and that looks bad for the gays fighting for marriage rights?

Well at least he’ll have a dining pal in Martina Navratilova.