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Texas Rep. Norma Chávez Is Sorry She Called Her Opponent a Dyke. Now Stop Asking Her Questions

After being called out for even bringing up her opponent’s sexual orientation, Texas State Rep. Norma Chávez said this week she’s sorry she called challenger Naomi Gonzalez a lesbian. Because really, she has no real evidence as such, and was probably just pissed Gonzalez took a shot at Chávez’s affinity for riding motorcycles. The pair are facing each other in a run-off election; voting ends tomorrow. For Chávez, the remarks might’ve cost her; “fallout continued and much of it put Chávez in a critical light. A group of El Paso’s elected officials condemned Chávez for bringing up sexual orientation as an issue in her campaign against fellow Democrat Naomi Gonzalez.” Meanwhile, reporters can’t even find her — she’s gone MIA, at least when it comes to taking more questions.