That Other Oral Swab


We’ve all had it done. A couple of quick swabs around your gums and 20 minutes later…results.

Now the government is weighing the possibility of introducing the simple OraQuick rapid HIV test (currently only available at your friendly neighborhood clinic) for home use. And while it sounds like a great idea (people too scared to get tested elsewhere now allowed to get tested in the privacy of their own homes? Great!), there are some concerns.

How the heck does someone deal with the emotional impact of potentially devastating news with no physician or counselor present to talk to?

Personally, we’d prefer to have a professional around for guidance, you know, just in case. Our best friend, who we love dearly and who can barely stand the suspense of a The OC episode, probably wouldn’t offer better assistance than a doctor or trained counselor.

One big solution to this problem? Make sure to wear jimmies at all times.