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The 26-City DADT Repeal Tour: Your Chance to Meet America’s Hottest Discharged Gays

[flv:http://flash.video.worldnow.com/klkn/KLKN_2903201021580230994_7085048B.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/03/unldadt1.jpg 650 400]

Oh, we found something the Human Rights Campaign is doing! Teaming up with Alex Nicholson’s Servicemembers United, HRC’s “Repeal DADT Now” campaign is on a Voices of Honor tour, which at this point feels like Cher’s final Final tour, ’cause hasn’t this been going on forever? (To be fair, Voices of Honor has been going only since 2005, and there have been just three of them.) The first stop, of 26, was the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and HRC’s supreme defender Jarrod Chlapowski was there!

Okay, for all our shit about hactivism, taking these messages on tour is actually pretty crucial. And while audience members may already be on board with repealing DADT, these events deliver the crucial arguments any repeal supporter needs, to be able convince just one other person to call her legislator and pass it on.

But couldn’t there at least be a smoke machine or a strobe light or two?

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  • Law

    Did they put an intern in charge of covering that story? That was an actual professional news broadcast?

  • Jason

    Dan and Jarrod and me should make a video. It would be AWESOME!

  • DR

    This might be more helpful if there was actually a link so we can see where it’s touring? Kinda hard to support it when I can’t find a date/time local to me.

  • Pygar

    @DR: AGREE. I live near 3 large military bases in the Heartland (Oklahoma) and I would love to get the word out about these tours.

  • zack

    Queerty’s lame joke comparing this to Cher’s farewells probably led people to believe that Voices of Honor is a lecture tour. Based on a quick examination of the HRC pages for it, I can tell you it’s not. The tour is about putting a face on DADT by having discharged service men and women travel the country doing press conferences and similar events.

  • Jeremy

    Why does Queerty makes this sounds like the tour of some reality show’s go-go boys?

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