Celebrates 1000th Issue!

‘The Advocate’ Is Old.

It’s been quite a year for The Advocate. Not only did the news mag celebrate it’s 40th year and a new, controversial design, but now they’re celebrating their 1000th issue.

And, as you can see, they decided to put Lance Bass on the cover. But, like a true champ, former boy bander Bass rationalizes popular skepticism:

You know, every community is hard to please. Our community is very fickle. It’s a touchy community because it’s the last civil rights movement we have left here in America. So when someone new like myself comes along and says off-the-mark things, yeah, I can see how people would get pissed.

The performer also gabs about former love Reichen, saying, “We’ve already established that Reichen is someone who wanted the fame and the spotlight…” Touchy?

While some of us may doubt Bass’ validity as a cover boy, homo-journos Sean Kennedy and John Cloud duke it out over where we queers stand…

Kennedy remains optimistic, writing that our battle reached the proverbial tipping point: “Indeed, in terms of acceptance, 2007 was the year that the gays were finally embraced on a visible nationwide scale in America – when society at large came to our side.”

Kennedy acknowledges that our legislative victories had their shortcomings, but points to a perhaps larger indication of gays place in American history: “On September 6 the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History unveiled, under the title “Treasures of American History,” two vintage gay rights picket signs from 1965…”

Cloud disagrees. And that’s putting it lightly. The Time staffer sees nothing new or exciting: “Not only did 2007 look nothing like a tipping pointl it was actually a year when the struggle for gay equality took a step back. It was a pathetic excuse for a year.” Cloud cites the ENDA disaster and political demagogues as some of the year’s low points. He’s not entirely negative, however, he reminds us that California’s gay inmates can now have conjugal visits. Way to see that silver lining, Cloud.

The Advocate‘s 1000th issue lands December 18th.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, Melissa Etheridge makes her requisite appearance.