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The Aliens In Aliens Will Have 2 Dudes Rape Each Other

A leaked script of the upcoming Alien prequel appears to include a plotline where male humans are instructed by the alients to anally rape each other, with the extraterrestrials (being single-gender specials) unaware that two dudes cannot make a baby.

Is this what we’ll actually see in the film? Always hard to tell from “leaks,” but that the following graphic depiction has since been deleted without comment form its original source What’s Playing:

The script (by John Spaihts and recently rewritten by Damon Lindelof) tells of the space jockeys traveling from planet to planet and terraforming them. The space jockeys are holding captive of two human slave farmers named Fin and Karik and force them (via mind control) to engage in sexual activity. (The twist: they’re both male).

There will be a black Vasquez-esque spaceship crew member named Oliver. Gemma Anterton was offered to play a female crew member named Truks.

The aliens are used by the space jockeys (known as “Growers” in the script) in their terraforming processes as some sort of biological tools. The signature alien won’t appear until the latter half of the film when it fully develops into it (this hints that we’ll be seeing different and new forms of aliens).

While y’all might laugh at some stupid aliens thinking they can get two dudes to procreate, watch them have some sick space-age technology that makes it all possible.

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  • adam

    Rape.. eachother? does not compute.

  • Ogre Magi

    For those that don’t know Spacejockey is the name from the fossilized creature found in the captain’s chair of the craft they found the Alien eggs on in the original.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    u know I never actually ever understood “what” that was in that chair on the first aliens movie…I figured it was a alien(different kind) who got Killed by the Äliens”??

  • AdonisOfFire

    Rape is fun! I think it will be great :D

  • B

    No. 1 · adam wrote, “Rape.. eachother? does not compute.”

    Probably they make one guy screw the other, who is not a happy camper and hence is raped. Then its the reverse.

    Sounds like yet another silly movie whose only reason for existence is to keep all those expensive computers they bought for the previous “blockbuster” busy.

  • gew

    Really? We have a space faring species who’s unable to put two and two together? Really?

  • Nick

    Oh, Hollywood, you never cease to disappoint with your blatant homophobia. You would think a space-faring alien species would comprehend that sexual reproduction works only between individuals of the opposite sex. Urgh….

  • REBELComx

    The xenomorphs (the aliens) are not actually a space fairing species. That’s like saying bullfrogs who get stuck on a ship are a sea fairing species. They have no culture and no actual society. They are basically insects, parasites, an invasive foreign animal species and have no technology of their own or accumulation of knowledge. Since they don’t reproduce sexually but are somewhat intelligent, curious, problem solving beings (especially depending on what they’ve gestated from), they’d probably be curious how their new host species, which they’ve never seen before, procreate.

  • Carl Paladino

    As long as they aren’t wearing speedos and grinding into each other, I’m fine with it.

  • REBELComx

    Oh yeah, it might also be worth noting that in the original script for the first Alien movie, Ripley was supposed to be a man. The entire concept of the xenomorph and a lot of the banter back and forth from the crew of the ship, the whole movie was intended to be very homoerotic, but not homophobic.

  • Brutus

    @REBELComx: It’s not the xenomorphs making the humans do this. It’s the elephantile “Space Jockey”/”Pilot”s.

  • Predator

    Aliens are weakkkk.

  • declanto

    @Predator: Yeah, weak. Like no probs to rid a ship infested with them, or even to clear a brood. This film broke records and was a milestone of its genre. to deprecate it in retrospect is to do it a gross injustice. Sigourney Weaver was also a forerunner of the truly equal woman character. That’s why she was so brilliantly cast in “Avatar”

  • declanto

    Is it really rape if they are mind-controlled? Sci-fi is notorious for posing this sort of dilemma as piquant to plot. I am intrigued by this aspect, and stirred in my nether-regions at the thought of homo-erotic space opera.

  • granoles


    Oh come on… it fits within the genre.

    And it’s about time really.

    Have you ever heard of an ufo abductee that wasn’t anal probed?

    If that’s what it takes to get redneck pride going for a little stinky pinky then I’m all for it.

  • B

    No. 16 · granoles wrote, “@B: Oh come on… it fits within the genre.” … it was Hollywood in general that I was objecting to – the current tendency to replace acting with special effects. They should give an academy award for “most CPU cycles spent on a film” since that seems to be the formula these days.

    “Have you ever heard of an ufo abductee that wasn’t anal probed?”
    Well, I saw a cute card with some guy captured by space aliens saying, “probe me,” as he stuck his ass up for them. The aliens looked kind of confused.

  • alexjtanner

    This seems mildly homophobic.

  • Matt

    More importantly, why does Hollywood insist on ruining a classic sci-fi series with all of these sequels (and now prequels?

  • tonyd

    @declanto: Agreed: Ripley is tied at #1 with Dirty Harry for Bad Ass with Movie Goers and of course the rest of the list is men. Ridley Scott and James Cameron, along with S. Weaver, broke the mold of strong woman leads with Ripley.

  • REBELComx

    @Brutus: But again, the space jockeys are not a human species and this prequel would be their first time encountering our race. A living space jockey hasn’t appeared in any Aliens/Predator movies. Their biology and the biology of other life forms they’ve encountered could be completely different than ours and their curiosity would still be understandable.

    @declanto: @tonyd: I think you guys missed the joke point of that post… he’s a Predator…as in Predator Vs. Aliens. He’s not commenting on the box office pull of the movie, he’s just “in character.”
    And Declanto, again one of the reasons Ripley is a “forerunner of the truly equal woman character” is because it was written as a man. The studio had issues with the homoerotic undertones and forced them to just make it a woman.

  • Sander

    wow…no one’s touched this page for years. i like Alien, but i’m surprised it took me this long to find out about the sexual undertones.

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