The Bland, The Bad & The Ugly: Romney’s VP Choices Cover The GOP Gamut

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan have all been bandied about as potential running mates

Now that Mitt Romney has the delegates he needs to be the Republican presidential nominee, the vice-presidential wannabes have emerged with full force.

While seeking to be on the GOP ticket this year is a little like trying to find a tug to join Captain Romney on the bridge of the Titanic, there’s no shortage of ambitious Republicans who want to be Romney’s running mate. After all, if Romney wins, they get to be the front-runner to replace him after he leaves office. If Romney loses, they won’t have to wait eight years for their shot.

How could anyone resist?

Romney’s campaign is being tight-lipped about who’s under consideration, but the pundits have their own lists, based largely on who is auditioning as Romney’s attack dog against Obama—and, well, us.

So Queerty’s come up with its own list of the high-profile Republicans that are likely under consideration by the Romney campaign.

Click through to see the GOP Veep short list.

Who do you think is gonna get the call? Did we miss your favorite second-in-command? Vote your conscience in the comments!

Feature photo: Donkey Hotey