The D.C. Agenda Refuses to Write the Blade‘s Obit


The D.C. Agenda, the replacement to the just-killed Washington Blade, is here, it’s queer, and we’ve got no problem getting used to it! The physical product might be a shadow of the Blade, but it’s just Week 1, and editor Kevin Naff and publisher Lynne Brown are just getting started with their new media baby.

Introducing the paper, Naff writes: “The former staff of the Washington Blade remains united and DC Agenda represents our effort at continuing the important mission and work of the Blade. It will grow and evolve to include a much larger and more diverse group of voices. But the core of the Washington Blade’s work remains unchanged. We will cover Congress, the White House, the LGBT rights movement, the D.C. marriage fight, local hate crimes and other political issues important to the LGBT residents of the city. … The strength of the Washington Blade did not lie in its brand name — it came from the spirit of those who worked passionately to serve and inform our community. Those people are still here. Our work continues.”


Great. Now, to the gossip! So what, from an insider’s perspective, really happened to lead to the Blade‘s closure?

Uh, well, Naff isn’t telling. In the front-pager where he said he’d delve into the Blade‘s demise, he only writes, in part: “So what actually went wrong with the Washington Blade (or more to the point, with the Blade’s recent, distant ownership)? Who really knows? I do not plan to investigate that story personally. I will just leave that to experts on grassy knolls and schemes hatched by Bernie Madoff.”

Huh. When the Wall Street Journal was sold to Rupert Murdoch, the newspaper’s own staff did a fine job reporting on the transaction. And yet the D.C. Agenda is going to leave it’s own history up to reporters at other gay publications, like Gay City News, the Bay Area Reporter, and the Philadelphia Gay News? How … un-journalistic.

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