The Madonna Media Assault Continues With Video Teaser For “Girl Gone Wild”

We’re not sold on “Girl Gone Wild”—we actually wish “Gang Bang” was the second single off MDNA—but a good video can sometimes boost a song into the stratosphere. Here’s a teaser Her Madgesty has released for the “Wild” video. What do you think? Are we looking at another “Like a Prayer”—or just another “American Life”?

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  • shle896

    I can’t get enough of Girl Gone Wild. Video or no video, it’s a seriously great dance song.

  • angeliq

    she’s 53

  • KJM1968

    @angeliq: There is nothing wrong with being 53. In a few years you will realize how foolish this comment is.

  • Ryan

    well well well, looks like Madonna is suddenly willing to show gay guys in her videos.
    Maybe Gaga’s gay pandering has lit a little fire under her ass.

  • Aron

    @Ryan: Those are 4 of the top male models, none of whom are gay (I don’t think). More like she’s willing to give her gay fans some eye candy.

  • Franco

    @angeliq: Please tel me that you’re not serious! You be 53 your way and Madonna will be 53 her way. I hope you age without so much self-loathing.

  • Franco

    I really all like all the songs she’s releasing off the new album. They sound great.

  • Sozo


    Yeah, she’s never showed gay men in her videos before. Are you serious? You can’t be because there is this thing called google.

  • Curtis

    Either way. It will be amazing!
    Love you M!

  • Curtis

    *is amazing so far

  • Paul

    @angeliq: Yeah, dislike your comment. Vain queen!

  • Vevar

    Really enjoying Madge’s new music… totally gonna buy MDNA… i like the video .. reminiscent of Vogue, Human Nature, Erotica… she’s doing well for herself… i’m a huge gaga fan and i’m enjoying the ride

  • Curtis

    Yes! but she’s bringing it into the new century..
    Although I feel like she is accommodating for the general “reduction”, in music.

  • Jake

    Ive love Madonna since I was 4 in 1986 when True Blue came out and I still love her in 2012. Can’t think of another female artist than has no only remained relevant but still makes badass music 30 years into her career. Young gays can have GaGa, Britney and Rihanna…my heart will always belong to the one and only Queen of Pop

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