The Oxford English Dictionary And Microsoft Office Will Officially Recognize “Transphobia”

oxford-english-dictionaryFollowing an online petition that garnered over 9,000 signatures, The Oxford English Dictionary and Microsoft Office Dictionary have announced that they will include the word “transphobia” in the 2013 editions of both.

Finally, we won’t see a squiggly red line every time we post about Fox News!

The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most renowned in the world, and adds new words on a yearly basis to accommodate the rapidly-evolving English language. The words “homophobia” and “xenophobia” are already included, as well as the derogatory slang term “chav.”

Oxford’s new official definition for “transphobia” is as follows:

transphobia |?trans?f??b??,  tr??ns-,|
noun [ mass noun ]
an extreme and irrational aversion to transsexuality and transsexual or transgender people.

Creators of the petition that made it all possible say the inclusion of this new word is a triumph for LGBT equality:

Including the term “transphobia” in the dictionary is not about accepting the horrible hate crimes that take place, it is about giving recognition to all those who go through a daily struggle because of the state of our society. It’s about identifying the attitudes that deny the transgender community equality and respect.

Members of the transgender community experience victimisation purely because of their gender expression; for expressing the person that they truly are. Entering “transphobia” into the dictionary will both educate people about the stigma that transgender people face and prove that this vulnerable community is not invisible.

Hear, hear! Shout it from the rooftops! The world is changing, and the douchebags are losing!