The Sensational Snickers Scandal: The Other Side of the Ceaseless Story

In the second part of our morning kiss trilogy, we again turn our eyes to that damn Snickers commercial. We’ll spare you the overblown details, because by now you know that daddy corporation, Masterfoods pulled the adverts. Accompanying news reports focussed on outcry from gay mega groups like HRC and GLAAD – the two groups credited with forcing the retraction – thus the debate swirled around the plug’s alleged homophobia. As any good homo knows, he who blows hardest, blows loudest.

At the height of the hysteria, homos were plotting boycotts against the no longer satisfying candy bar. The queers weren’t the only ones offended by the accidental gay kiss. Another group raised their voices, but for different reasons all together. The screeches of anti-gay conservatives got drowned out by the squeals of the sissy set.

Actually, we never would have discovered this divergent displeasure had it not been for that Trebay piece…

You see, we wanted a really special picture for that last post. So, we went searching through our vast and top secret image banks and came across the iconic picture of Sammy Davis Jr. planting that infamous kiss on Archie Bunker. It had laugh potential, so we clicked for a larger view. We didn’t get a bigger picture, we did get a different perspective on that aging debate.

The image itself came from a post on a Free Republic-linked comment page, where homophobes were duking it out over the contentious ad. The lovely chap who posted Archie and Sammy made light of the ad, but a fair amount of his posting peers weren’t laughing. A rabble rouser through and through “ChiefJayStrongbow” wrote:

Last evening, as I watched the Superbowl with my nine year old son, I became extremely annoyed at the MARS Corporation and their advertisement for Snickers which showed two guys locking lips. I can’t even fathom why somebody thought that this would be a good advertisement for that particular product and why they chose to air it during this event, especially when they knew children would be watching. If their aim was to draw controversy in the hopes of increasing sales, then I sincerely hope they missed their mark. I hope that, instead, they lose sales because of their idiocy. Our family will not be buying…products that MARS makes/distributes: M&M’S, SNICKERS, MARS bars, Milky Way, Skittles, and TWIX.

“Extremely annoyed”? Who is this, Marge Simpson? Where’s the passion? Where’s the stomach-turning venom? There were, after all, two men kissing on television. During the Super Bowl, no less: one of America’s most treasured televised events. “Linda_22003” feels the dread and, you know what, it hurts!

Some channels cannot be watched their commercials are so nauseating. I don’t know about a few on this thread, but for me and mine, we do not watch anything on tv with the goal of attaining that feeling of being sick to our stomachs. We don’t enjoy that, it’s worse than a headache! But that is the normal reaction to this agenda. There wouldn’t be enough Pepto Bismol in the world to quell it. We switch the channel anytime one comes up that we know is agenda driven, but these newer ones come without a warning.

That’s the spirit!

Perhaps Linda_22003 should hook up with “ActionBillNews”, because he’s ready for war. He’s even got the battle cry down:

…It is a nefarious homosexual agenda at work, and judging from some of the pollyanna-style comments on this thread, it has apparently worked.

There is nothing funny, cute or otherwise endearing about two men kissing. Period. I don’t care if it’s a candy bar commercial, a movie, or the bus bench a few blocks down, two men kissing is not anything to laugh about. How anyone can accept it as normal or unthreatening is completely beyond me.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!

A reader less dedicated to the cause insisted the men’s reaction provided the punchline, prompting old “ActionBillNews” to reply with some reiteration:

I couldn’t care less about their reaction “once they realized what was going on”. The fact remains Mars Candy showed two men kissing, a completely unnatural and disgusting act, and played it up for comedic effect. And again, judging from many of the posts on this thread, the homosexual agenda’s effort over the last 30 years to desensitize our society to the evil of homosexuality has worked like a charm, because entirely too may people see ntohing [sic] wrong with it.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!

In turn, the detractor posted the aforementioned picture of Sammy Davis Jr kissing Archie Bunker as proof of some man-on-man humor.

What’s most funny about all this is that sworn enemies (homophobes and homos) actually agreed on something, albeit for completely different reasons. A rare moment, indeed. Too bad no one noticed.