The World’s First Erotic Haunted House Will Scare You Stiff

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 3.46.30 PMIs that a meat cleaver in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Finally, the world’s first “erotic haunted house” is open for business. We know how long you’ve been waiting.

San Francisco’s Disneyland of taboo sex, the equal parts historic and imposing Armory building in the Mission District, home of the “controversial” prison-themed circuit party and the subject of a James Franco documentary, is now welcoming visitors to an evening of sexy scares.

“We know that many people find Kink’s films scary, so we wanted to have a little fun with that,” said Andrew Harvill, the producer of the event. “The Armory building itself is actually haunted, so setting up a real haunted house tour using our dungeons and sets was a natural fit. It’s both terrifying and, depending on your kink, arousing.”

“The two emotions, fear and sex, are inextricably linked. We wanted to play off that and offer people a truly old school scare in an unexpected setting.”

The event, called Hell in the Armory, bills, “Over-the-top production featuring contortionists, nude models body painted by the city’s top talent, prosthetics, animatronics, interactive art and a menacing cast of characters.”

We’d like to hear more about those prosthetics.

h/t Accidental Bear