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This Gay Military Couple’s First Wedding Kiss Is Breaking The Internet

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The first kiss of a newly wedded gay military couple is going viral after a LGBT military group shared the photo online.

Shane Adriano and Cody Resz only met last year, but they say it was love at first sight and the two men were recently married in a small ceremony in Springfield, Missouri.

The American Military Partners Association then shared a pic of their first kiss on their Facebook page, and the photo quickly went viral and attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments. The AMPA was founded in 2009 and is “the nation’s largest organization of LGBT military spouses, families, and allies.”

The two guys seem thrilled with all the attention, and even thanked their supporters on the viral photo:

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DADT officially ended in 2011, the American Military Partners Association Facebook page features many more gay military couples who’ve found love and support with their help.