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This gay Redditor’s coming out was hilariously anti-climactic—and totally relatable

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Parents can have a range of reactions to their children coming out of the closet, as we all know. And on what we’ll call the Spectrum of Surprise, one Reddit user’s mom landed far from the “What?!” side and closer to “And…?”

As seen in a screenshot posted to the r/lgbt subreddit recently, that user sent Mom a viral clip of YouTuber iDubbbz saying “I’m gay!”

Mom texts back, “Haha that’s a funny video.”

“No but like I’m actually gay,” the Redditor replies.

“Didn’t u already tell me this,” Mom asks.

“No???” the flummoxed Redditor responds.

Other Reddit users hit the comments of the thread to say that they once lived in a glass closet, too.

“When I told my family, they were like, ‘Yeah, no sh*t. We just wanted to wait till you came out to us,’” one recalled. “They were not miffed I was LGBTQ, they were mad I told my friends and stuff before them, lol.”

Another commenter wrote, “When I came out, I was so eager to tell people. The first six (six!) individuals I told were all like, ‘Yeah, I know.’ It really took the wind out of my newly-proud sails.”

A third person related the story of the time they came out to their amusingly-confused grandmother: “I told my grandma I was trans, and she said, ‘Yeah, I figured,’ followed immediately by ‘Well, I was wondering which one of my grandkids was gonna be some kind of gay.’”

And a parent chimed in on the thread, too, sharing a wholesome story with a twist ending.

“When my son came out, he was super surprised when I said, ‘Makes sense, did you mow the lawn?’ He was sure it was as much of a revelation to us as it was to him, but man, I raised this kid. I saw him blush talking to boys when he was younger and found his porn history on the computer. But I did my best to treat him exactly the same after. He’s my son,” the parent wrote.

“On the other hand, he was pretty surprised when I came out as bi/pan in my 40s, lol.”

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