This Gay Twitter™ thread about how men flirt is both hilarious & terrifying & way too relatable

Gay man on cell phone

“Hey handsome. You up?”

Gay men flirt with each other everywhere, and with every device imaginable. We crush on our gym husbands, slide into those DMs and don’t stop until we send three 🔥 emojis in response to their latest mirror selfie. The banter is often both coy and explicit, leaving traces of salacious innuendo while also keeping it innocent and playful.

As you can see, there’s an art to the madness!

When someone on Twitter X challenged the masses to flirt like a gay man, he received a trove of responses. And our big takeaway is: “ya’ll need to start talking to some better men!”

There must be some guys who don’t spit game like masc DL bros, right?


The ubiquity of Grindr and social media mean that an impulsive sexual urge can be satisfied with just a few taps of the finger–literally. “Tap” your dream man on the grid at 2:35 a.m., and wait for him to… maybe tap you back?

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Sorry, he fell asleep :/

Since online creeping (sorry, we mean flirting!) is so common, there are many tricks to the horny trade. First of all, some emojis are more promiscuous than others.

In fact, there are 11 emojis that will make the man in your life blush jussst right…or at least send back an inviting selfie.

This author prefers marking a seemingly tame message with hedonistic undertones.

“That could be a nice to way spend the night.”


See?! Did a shiver just travel up your spine?

And if not, hopefully you’re still awake? It’s 3:17 a.m. now.

A girl’s gotta eat!

At least it’s good to see that sexual health is prioritized, even at the witching hour.

Earlier this year, one of our favorite TikTok accounts, Therapy Jeff, posted six useful tips about hitting someone up for the first time. The crux of his advice: be normal!

“Remember there’s an actual human on the other end so don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person,” he says.

Ah, yes, saying something in person. That’s recommended, too, and probably the best way to meet guys. That way, there’s no catfishing, trolling or ghosting (all of that comes later)!

Happy hunting out there. Here’s hoping your dream man looks even better than his pics!

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