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This Is How Michael Musto Was Made

This video of Michael Musto as Ann-Margaret, filmed by Nelson Sullivan circa “sometime in the carefree ’80s,” is as close to a primer on Musto as you’ll ever get. Everything makes sense now.

“The way I keep relentlessly spewing witticisms while blithely declaring what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ is absolutely madcap,” writes Musto. “And my frantic spinning around and posing in a whirlwind of glamour is even more astounding, especially since I wasn’t the least bit on drugs, and several witnesses will vouch for that. But I should have taken pills and offed myself later that night. I will never top this. And I was so fucking thin!”

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  • Smithen Weston

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. He may have been thin, but he certainly wasn’t pretty. I saw him at a bar in DC once. Tragic. You could store loose change in his pores.

  • gregger

    I thought he was shat out of Devine’s ass after he got fucked by a Rottweiler.

  • McMike

    Wow, you can always spot the bitter bitches who won’t amount to more then a pile of shite in their lives when they start making katty comments about successful people. I’ve chatted with Musto more than once and the reason why people are so successful in the NYC nightlife scene is because they’re not complete assh*les. In real life, he’s kinda quiet, reserved and always making little mental notes about what’s going on around him. It’s obnoxious when people who can’t affect the person next to them bitch about the people who affect an entire city.

  • TripleB

    Oh, shush, McMike. Everytime some idiot is criticized on here you come in and say “the critics are just jealous!” What a child. And Musto doesn’t affect a whole city, believe me. No one knows who he is except for a few gays, which is one tiny irrelevant slivver of NYC culture and monetary power.

  • gregger

    @McMike: actually McMike, he was a rude insufferable queen who was so vile to my then partner that when he tried to chat me up I let him know who I was in reference to the person he had just belittled, for no reason. Bitter, not really. Disgusted by Michael (Mr. Parsley) Musto, good gods yes.

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