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  • dvlaries

    Fergie’s gotta be pushing 50; holding on to a hunk like that can’t be cheap. She must have got a bonanza in the settlement to go away.

  • cruiser

    @Leland Frances: nice pics, where did you find these? they gotta be older seeings as he is so much younger in them

  • GranDiva

    What Fergie are you talking about, the former Duchess of York? Because the Fergie Josh Duhamel is married to is former child star Stacy (not Sarah) Ferguson, who was born in 1975.

  • GanymedeDC

    Duhamel is still hot, but his underwear modeling days appear to be over. Handsome and tight, but has lost his defintion.

  • Leland Frances

    Cruiser: have Google will find nude photos [if they exist] of most every celeb.

    I’m sure there are larger versions still on the Net somewhere. As I recall they were taken by late gay photog Herb Ritts.

  • Darth Paul

    @GranDiva: I think dvlaries was being funny about how Fuggy Fug looks.

  • Sebbe

    @GranDiva – LOL, I was thinking the same thing to myself, they must be almost the same age. Fergie of York, hehe, lmfao

  • Sebbe

    @darth – Fergie was never married before and has not gotten any settlement. He must have thought is was the duchess. no hard done though.

  • Ben

    @GanymedeDC: yeah! I mean, he’s still hot but we really need to call out the fact that he’s older and he really can’t do underwear modeling anymore. Cuz we can’t let any moment to criticize pass, can we.

  • Bob R

    @Leland Frances: The photos are from Greg Gorman’s book “As I See It” which also features full frontal nudes of Nicholas Gonzalez and many others. The book is still available on Amazon selling for $55 to $1350. I purchased a copy (hardback, mainly because of the nudes of Duhamel and Gonzalez) about 8 years ago for about $35 and found it to be a beautiful volume of black and white photos and well worth the price.


    WOW hes gotten fat! me no likey

  • Sebbe

    He reminds me of Fergie’s version of K-Fed. I’m sure it won’t turn out that bad, but we’ll see.

  • Marty

    gee queen bee…if that’s fat in your novel, then there’s no hope for me. I’d take that gut anyday. Peace darling!

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