it's not Britney, bitch.

Three muscly guys lip sync to Britney Spears — and the crowd goes bananas

You certainly can’t say they didn’t go for broke or fully commit. You can say they positively slayed, are FIRE, gave you life, are absolutely everything, etc., etc.

Actor/director Adrian Anchondo and his comely cohorts recently slinked around popular LA bar Akbar during “Learn the Words (Britney) Bitch,” a lip-synch competition hosted by Tony Soto.

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The resulting performance is an infectious blast of WTF that deserves your utmost attention.

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    • adam_stevens

      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

      Toxic self-hating fag alert is more like it chucklehead.

      What a weak man you are.

    • DarkZephyr

      Toxic effeminacy?? Why, who are they attacking and making fun of or beating up? You are a dumb a**.

  • Prax07

    Right, because a man flouncing around in a glitter bra and feather boa is the definition of masculininity…may not be toxic but it does make me ill.
    Sorry, but I’m a man, I dress and act like a man, not a woman. I like men that are men, if I wanted feminine I’d go for conversion therapy and pray it worked.

    • Danny595

      Exactly. But even forgetting about “conversion,” if you had to choose to spend the rest of your life with a feminine woman or one of these effeminate men, which would you choose? I would take the woman for sure. There is zero attraction to either, so it is a given that life will suck in that department, but at least with the woman, you are getting someone who is mentally healthy. A man who prances around in women’s clothing is not right in the head.

    • stevetalbert

      An authentic masculine man comfortable with himself and secure in what he likes would not be bothered by someone else’s nellyness. You are either projecting your self image on to them as it they are your nirror, or you show interest because of desire. Dont become ill about it. Try therapy.

    • yaletownman

      What Stevetalbert said.

    • prarie pup

      Good for you, Prax07, but we’re not you so let’s make a deal: we’ll keep our opinions to ourselves about the way you dress–because it’s really none of our effing business what you choose to wear–and you do the same. Whaddaya say?

  • terse

    I feel like I’m expected to feel some sort of shock, surprise or interest when presented with such gender-bending bits of popular culture. I really don’t. People acting out whatever they want to do is the new normal.

  • missuniverse

    Misleading headline -These are NOT muscle guys, they are way too feminine appearing.

  • Prax07

    Uh no, it’s not desire for them or because I’m tirn up over internal swish. It’s the fact that they’re men acting like women. It’s a complete turn-off becsuse I’m not physically attracted to females or female behavior in the least. It’s off-putting, completely and totally.
    I’ve been talking to a guy I thought is kind of attractive, and after talking to him for several days my interest has waned. Mainly because he’s constantly talking like “Ooh gurl, let’s have a drink, my diva needs to come out” or “Girl, was just queenin out to this pride remix”. That’s not how I talk, that’s not how I act, that’s just not attractive to me at all. In pictures he looks like a scruffy dude, in conversation it’s like talking to a sorority girl, which again, if I wanted a woman I’d talk to one.

  • imaqt2

    Ya what steve said. If you don’t like it that’s fine move on. For a culture who wants acceptance and approval from others some of you sure are hypocrites. These men aren’t trying to attract you anyways and judging by their looks im sure they couldn’t care less what you have to think of them. They are probably getting more ass then yuu ever will because they aren’t worried about labels, judgements and fitting your old stereotypes. This ie called a performance, and just like musicial artist when you’re on stage you act completely in devotion to your role, alter ego or personification. They were being Britney, it’s called acting and even when trying to mock Britney they obviously weren’t spot on because it’s not the way they normally act anyway. So take your “masc for masc” attitude and judge someone else who actually cares what you think…like each other.

  • Prax07

    Acting…riiiight. Musical performance…yeah sure. And I happen to own the Brooklyn Bridge, I’ll sell it to you for just $500 bucks.

  • homogenius

    Ummm yeah, @Danny……I bet those guys are more man than you could handle there tiger….what’s with all the hate? Don’t you think there is enough hateful shite floating around now? It’s homos like you that are toxic, NOT effeminate men or perceived effeminate men…if it’s that difficult for ya, take your log cabin leanings to your “alt-right” rally instead

  • Luna1979

    I was watching these guys really objectively and asked myself if I’d ever want to hook up with one. That I had to force myself to focus tells me No, I would not. Too feminine.

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