Too Late

Tim Campbell Doesn’t Want to Become “The ‘Gay Actor'”

Former Home and Away star Tim Campbell came out of the closet this week. The auburn-headed Australian actor came out after rumors began circulating that he and out singer Anthony Callea were lovers:

“Anthony’s had his rough trot, I’m going through a rough trot and I’m really concerned for my (ex)… Part of me will probably always love him because 11 years is a lot to share with each other.”

Tim says that he’s not ashamed of his sexuality, given that he’s in his thirties now. “I’m pretty comfortable with who I am and what I’m doing,” says Tim, “But I don’t want my work to be affected.”

Campbell also worries that he’ll now become nothing more than a label: “There’s nothing in the way of being ashamed about this (but) the label thing worries me a bit… If every time I’m written about now it’s as ‘the gay actor’ it would bore the hell out of me.” We’d never heard of Campbell until this morning, so he’ll forever be a “gay actor” in our book.