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Tim Gill’s New $9 Million Mansion

I really love it when The Gays play house. It’s why I’m really excited for Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge’s The Fabulous Beekman Boys. And it’s why I’m thrilled to hear do-gooding gay QuarkXPress creator Tim Gill — of the kick ass Fight Back NY — and husband Scott Miller are buying the Phipps Mansion from the University of Denver. And not just to throw fancy parties (the university already uses it for that), but to live in. Together!

At 33,123 square feet, it’s a lot of house. And they’ve already got big renovation plans (new kitchen!) for the 80-year-old estate, which they paid around $9 million for, or 5.55 percent of what the Gill Foundation has handed out to non-profits since its 1994 creation.

(Oh, and apparently this was frontpage news?)

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  • Cam

    I liked the fact that the newspaper in Denver acknoledged that they are married.

    “Political activist Tim Gill and his husband, Scott Miller, are buying the historic Phipps Mansion from the University of Denver in a deal expected to close by the end of the year.”


    As a Gay Denver resident, I never got this guy- he’s a huge donor to Colorado AIDS project, and a registered Democrat, but he’s listed as the Log Cabin’s biggest donor and influence. (Google him for confirmed stories on this.) Also, he has twink/$ugar Daddy pool party meet ups in the summer- your either one or the other to be on the list. I’ve never gone but friends shown me pictures- it’s Cocoon meets Rugrats!

    Also, the Gill Foundation, his foundation, throws him honor parties where you sit through 30 minute videos of Gil standing on mountain cliffs, with a bald eagle photo shopped in, to make him look like a superhero- they’re pretty silly. He has a stake in and other ventures, but not a clear read, so I don’t know his game…

  • alan brickman

    he uses his charity and foundations to fund his lifestyle…nice….straights use charity to fund their lives too…when will charity be about charity?…

  • alan brickman

    Human Rights museum in Winnipeg has alot of this going on too…

  • Marcus

    Stately Wayne Manor!

  • alan brickman

    any blacks get to go to these parties??..


    @alan brickman: nope- he made his fortune off of Quark and gives to charities to influence or to be nice, not sure. I’ve talked to people close to him and work for him and they’re well aware of how nosy I am and don’t say anything. He’s a nice guy though, but so are all the politicians I’ve met face to face.

  • Marcus


    Thanks for the info!

  • JonathanHasHasIt

    Obscene. Vulgar display in such a hard economy, with so many people hurting. Why is this crap news? Revolting.

  • clark

    Well, it’s his money and he can do what he likes with it. I find the info about the twink/sugar daddy events from the poster above to be a little titillating. There is almost a 26 year age difference. But then, whatever floats your boat.

  • alan brickman

    typical charity tax write off….don’t be fooled so easily…

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Marcus: WIth old Batman and twink robin.

  • biguy

    cocoon meets rugrats ewwww!

  • The Artist

    He should probably check out the movie Forrest Gump! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • OhYeah

    Creepy creepy creepy.

  • james_cambridge

    Follow the link to the….the conservative types are having a shit-fit in the comments. It’s awesome.

  • Cam

    This is the guy that runs “The Gill Fund”. They target and funnel money to pro-gay politicians in local and state elections around the country. The idea is, he has said, that these local politicians are the future Senators, governers and Congresspeople.

  • cinb

    I happen to know and have spent time with Tim Gill, and I’m amazed at your so-quick-to-hate comments. Truth:
    –He is a self-made man, and when he made his fortune selling Quark, donated some 90% of the money to create several foundations, from which he receives nothing. He lives on the remaining 10%, which is still a lot.
    –His parties have people of all ages in them, because he knows people of all ages. He does not in any way restrict them to people of certain ages or types, just to people he knows and likes.
    –He has done more for gay rights than all of us put together. You don’t even know half of what he does. He is a big reason Colorado, which was a Republican stronghold, is now run by Democrats. His influence is huge, but you don’t know about it because he doesn’t seek that kind of attention. If you doubt this, go read some right-wing blogs and see how much they hate him– because of how effective he is.
    –He is probably the smartest guy you would ever meet, is extremely down to earth considering his wealth, and has devoted his life to philanthropy and charity since becoming so. None of the criticism you’ve posted is valid, making you either ignorant, stupid, or hateful. Pick whichever one fits you best. I doubt it will be the first time you’ve heard it.

  • mc

    I don’t know much about Mr Gill but I can say that I agree, there are a number of conservative sites that hate him. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) lsits him as a philathropist (not in exaxctly those words) that donates money and threatens marriage…

  • Marcus Giavanni

    You know this guy has done great things, and how he spends his money is his business.

    So he is married and maybe it’s not who everyone else thinks he should have married but it is what it is.

    Though I have been brought up to think a marriage is between a man and a woman, but times have changed and if they want to get married then it’s there business!

    We need to mined our own business and except things for what they are and move on to fixing our own life’s and be happy!

    Why be miserable…whilst policing other people lives! Because we think it’s not good or traditional.

    I don’t believe in abortions period..but who am I to tell a women what she can and can’t do with her body?

    I think we should all just go to the COW and have fun and party like it was our last days on earth…


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