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Tim Pawlenty Is Taking Bryan Fischer’s Verbatim Advice To Keep DADT Alive

On Friday, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer blogged about how he had a super secret strategy to halt the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: pull all funding from the Repeal Implementation Team, which would theoretically shut down the transition process between out gays being kicked out and gays being allowed to serve. “The RIT will require significant funding, since it is responsible for the entire process,” writes Fischer. “The RIT is chartered with leading the process of implementation, and in so doing will be directed to develop plans, update policies, train and prepare experts, train and prepare leaders, train and prepare the force, issue progress reports, and assess implementation.” Guess what ex-Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who supports DADT, just said his plan to stop repeal is?

Yup: defund the repeal process.

Speaking Monday at a Christian high school as part of his tour of Iowa spearheaded by Bob Vander Plaats, Pawlenty says it would be a “reasonable step” to keep taxpayer dollars away from paying for repeal’s implementation.

Just in case you were curious about who’s sharing whose bed.

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