Tom Cruise Gives Katie Holmes What She Wants, But Goes Ballistic Against Enquirer

Tabloid editors are thanking their dark masters that the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes split has unraveled in such a dishy way. But Cruise has sicced his lawyers on the National Enquirer for alleging in a cover story that Tim is a “monster” who abuse Katie and subjected the Golden One, Suri, to a five-month stay in a “tiny, windowless room.”

Please, that’s not abuse—he was just preparing her for life in a Manhattan apartment.

Regardless, Cruise attorney Bert Fields dashed off a letter to Enquirer publisher American Media yesterday, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fields calls the article “disgraceful and lurid” and claimed it could cause Mr. Top Gun “hundreds of millions of dollars of professional and personal damages.” Cruise’s camp plans to hold American Media  “and everyone who participated in the perpetuation of this scurrilous attack” liable.

Fields is demanding a full retraction of  “each and every one of your false allegations about Mr. Cruise” or they’ll litigate the publisher’s ass off.

Rumors abound that Katie had some serious dirt on Tom—same-sex escapades? spousal abuse? Scientology shenanigans?—which is why he was so quick to settle and let her have custody of Suri, who she’ll raise as a Catholic.

Because there’s no safer place for a young child to be that in the warm embrace of a Catholic priest.

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  • ???

    Who writes this stuff?
    (Tim) is a “monster” who (abuse) Katie.

    Because there’s no safer place for a young child to be (that) in the warm embrace of a Catholic priest.

  • Spike

    Apparently when Scientology can no longer keep up the facade of the the perfect family and the perfect life of a A-list bad actor, then one has no other choice but to sue. Given all the secretive craziness that Tim has shown of himself not to mention is out there on the net regarding Scientology, the NE can pretty much say whatever they want and it be difficult to prove otherwise.

  • Truth Wins

    Tom, FYI, straight people don’t care if someone calls them gay. It’s not a big deal to actual straight men.

  • FunMe

    Just like the John Travoltra mess, Tom Cruise’s latest divorce is finally lifted the curtain for MORE people to see how crazy and closeted Tom is.

    NO ONE believes the lies of Tom Cruise. His latest fiasco has opened the curtain to the LIES of his marriage and the LUNATIC cult of Scientology.

    Also, anyone notice that all of Tom Cruise’s wives were 33 at the time of the divorce?
    Closet case midget COS expiration date?

  • hamoboy

    Who the fuck writes this stuff? The Catholic church is better than Scientology any fucking day of the week, and I say that as a dyed in the wool atheist, and it’s better because we at least KNOW what the catholics get up to (better the devil you know). And to brush off the allegations of Suri being abused as “preparing her for life in a Manhattan apartment”? Fuck you and the Tom Cruise worshipping horse you rode in on.

  • Randall

    Bert Fields, Tom Cruise’s lawyer is a laughable, ancient little midget who gets paid to bluster and threaten, as if anyone really cares. He better not get too agitated. He’s likely to croak at his stage of the game. If Bert is such a hot lawyer, how come Tom gave up everything Katie wanted in about a week ? Did poor Bert have a weak case???? Maybe Katie was about to reveal some career killing news. Who know? Enquiring minds want to know. I’m sure the Enquirer is not exactly wetting their pants. They are represented by Arnold & Porter, the classiest firm in Washington, D.C.

  • Cam

    The tabloids all said in 2006 before they got married that Holmes had signed a deal to fake a 5 year marriage.

    Weird that that is the number of years they stated and she filed for divorce after 5 years. Coincidence?

  • jwrappaport

    You might say Tom “can’t handle the truth.”


  • Codswallop

    Gossip has it the Scientologists told TC to stop fighting the custody thing because it was bringing negative attention to the “church,” its beliefs, and groups like Sea-Org. It may have been Cruise’s representatives too, because if he thinks his career is in a bit of a lull now, it’s nothing compared to what would happen to his career if he fought to raise his daughter in what is widely perceived to be a creepy cult.

  • Geoff


    “………… Arnold and Porter the classiest firm in DC.” How classy could they be if they represent the Enquirer?

    Fields and Cruise are not going anywhere near a court room with this. Katie could be called to testify.

  • MiltonHarvey

    @Randall: Tom gave Katie everything she wanted because she threatened to expose all his same-sex secrets. It’s as simple as that.

  • I won't grow up

    Why oh why do we care anything for this man. He is a TERRIBLE actor, his movies are money makers but have no soul and contribute nothing to the legacy of Hollywood. The self congratulatory idiots of that town only love him because he pays the bills. Why do we as gay people want to be associated with him and Travolta. Why do we care if they are gay. I personally want positive roll models, not wack-a-doodle cult members waiting for the “Great Zod” (or what ever) to emerge from behind the planet dipsy doodle and take them to the land of Oz? It is indeed wrong not to be true to yourself and to not admit who you are, but it is also wrong to out people who don’t want to admit their true identity (even if that makes them the two of the biggest assholes in Hollywood).

  • Chuck


  • topsyturvy

    Moral of this story: Don’t fuck with Joey!

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