It Took 300 Jars For This Guy To Finally Take The Nutella Bath Of His Dreams


Never let anything stop you from reaching for your dreams, including the bounds of good taste. Today’s freak show comes to us from a YouTube personality, AKA a kid who is preparing to wake up in his 30s with no idea what he’s going to do with his life. He goes by the name Cemre Candar, and his dream is apparently to take a bath in Nutella. Okay, sure.

You will either enjoy watching the video because he is young and shirtless and relatively attractive, or because you have a gunge fetish and Cemre has indulged your every fantasy.

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There are lots of slow, undulating shots of the chocolate oozing around his nearly-nude body, dribbling and squishing in a way that will be extremely gratifying to those with a very particular sexual interest. The video has earned about four million views over the last month, so Cemre’s investment in chocolate spread — which for these purposes would probably have cost him around a thousand bucks — probably have paid off. Maybe.

This follows his recent videos in which he bathes in a tub of beer, and another in which he bathes in hot sauce, and also one in which he bathes in Oreos. So when his career reaches the point at which YouTube pranks and “how parents react to” videos are no longer paying the bills, at least we know what kind of porn he’ll be going into.

h/t NNN