Transgender Woman Held Captive, Chained Naked Outside And Used As Sex Slave For Two Years

“After 30-something years of law enforcement in this area, this is one of the most gruesome deals that I’ve ever heard of,” Sheriff Victor Jones, an officer in Natchitoches, Louisiana, said during a press conference over the weekend and reported by The Town Talk.

Jones was referring to an incident that happened on Saturday night, when a transwoman approached Assistant Police Chief Shelby Borders at a gas station in Natchitoches. She was disheveled and covered in bruises and lacerations. Her body was wrapped in a metal logging chain.

“It was a shock to start with,” Chief Borders said during the press conference. “She stated she had been held captive. She was real frantic. There was a lot of fast talk. I had never seen anything to this extent before. My initial reaction was to focus on the needs at hand — make sure the scene was safe, see if anyone was following the victim, and meet her medical needs.”

The woman, who is in her early 50s and whose name has not been released, was taken to a local hospital where she was treated for her injuries. The logging chain had to be removed by firefighters.

She told police that she had spent the past two years in captivity in Ajax, Louisiana, a small rural town with a population of less than 50.

Authorities claim that the woman, who was originally from Minnesota, first met David Rodriguez, Jr. and his wife Christina Harper online around two years ago. She agreed to move in with the couple. Shortly afterwards, things took a turn for the worst.

The woman was turned into a slave, forced to perform daily chores, hard labor, and humiliating sexual acts. If she refused, she was punished by either Rodriguez or his friend, Ambre Lomas.

In addition to this treatment, she was give a “slave tattoo,” registered online as Rodriguez and Harper’s “slave,” and forced to sleep in a makeshift coffin at the foot of their bed.

“They had built a 3-by-5 wooden box in the master bedroom at the floor of the bed,” said Detective Tim Key told the press. “And this was her living conditions, where she slept every night.”

Her captors also carved their initials into her skin, shot her with a stun gun, and doused her with urine.

About two months ago, the woman begged to be released. When she did, police say her captors flew into a rage.

“A 35-foot chain was put around her neck and she was locked up,” Key said.

She was stripped naked and chained outside, and was denied any food or water for two days and nights.

Eventually, she managed to escape. She stole her captor’s car and drove to Natchitoches, where she found Assistant Police Chief Shelby Borders. Shortly thereafter, the three suspects were arrested.

Rodriguez and Harper were each booked with one count of human trafficking, one count of aggravated second-degree battery, one count of second-degree kidnapping/false imprisonment and two counts of offenses against computer users. Bond for them was set at $635,000. Lomas was booked with one count of second-degree kidnapping/false imprisonment and one count of aggravated second-degree battery. Bond for her was set at $525,000.


H/t: LGBTQNation