Transgendered Real Worlder Totally Hates The Gothamist

The Gothamist is all gooey with excitement they got access to The Real World: Brooklyn‘s set yesterday, but there’s one person who thinks the blog can suck it: Transgender cast member Katelynn Cusanelli (pictured left), who was so mad about the way blogger Billy Parker treated her during the interview, that she wrote about it in her Live Journal:

“With public recognition comes public defamation; it’s just part of the territory. As the next few months unfold I have prepared myself for the onslaught of vitriol, however I thought it would at least be spewed to my face.

Enter the douchebag.

I have been a blogger for a few years now and while I do not blog for my profession I have met a handful of those who do. There are writers with integrity and there are writers whose sole purpose is to debase other individuals because that is what their readers have come to expect; behavior I find to be woefully repugnant and is one of the primary reasons I refuse to read Perez Hilton (he just never seems to have anything nice to say…). Well today I had the unfortunate experience of being interviewed by one such individual, Billy Parker from The Gothamist.

He was nice enough as he smiled and shook my hand. He listened attentively and made sure to jot down the bulk of what I was talking about, directly quoting and short-handing as necessary… then proceeded to ignore every word of what I said and reverted back to his syntactically decrepit castigation of me and my fellow interviewees. In addition to speaking with Mr. Parker I also got a chance to speak with people from E! Weekly, Us Magazine, Ok! Magazine, and a plethora of others from various media and news outlets. While they too appeared to be attentive, I only hope they maintain an air of professionalism where others have irreparably faltered.

As an aspiring writer I can only hope that my readers continue to come back based upon my abilities as a writer, not because I am an insipid, gossiping school girl. I know that as time progresses I will need to become more thick-skinned, yet it still irritates me that someone can smile so sweetly to your face before sharply pressing their blade to your throat the instant your back is turned.

Keep up the good work Gothamist, and maybe the next assignment you send Mr. Parker on will be an exposé on the journalistic integrity of bloggers…”

We’re a little confused as to just what exactly Parker did to raise the ire of Katelynn. The article makes almost no mention of Katelynn, so did the writer say something to her on set? Katelynn has the command of the English language and natural dislike of Perez Hilton that we usually associate with people who are not totally crazy, so we’re inclined to believe that there’s some actual meat to her claim, but her post skimps on the details. We want details. We want to know what the Gothamist did to poor Katelynn.

Holy crap, we’re semi-sorta excited about The Real World.

We know you hate the show (and for good reason), but we think Bunim-Murray might be onto something for The Real World: Brooklyn, its 21st installment of America’s original famewhore housing development. Setting the latest show in Red Hook, a neighborhood that like the show, was once rich with authentic grittiness before being co-opted by American Apparel-wearing hipsters is pretty clever, but the real reason we may actually skim through a Tivo’d episode or two when it starts airing in January is that the show features not only Katleynn, our plucky 24 year old transgendered blogger, but also Anderson Cooper’s ex boyfriend J.D. Ordonez and a really hot Mormon virgin dude.