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Troye wants to be “One Of Your Girls”, Boy Radio’s HIMBO anthem, an ABBA legend returns: Your weekly bop roundup

There is never a dull week in the queer music scene. You can always count on a sickening visual, a heart-wrenching ballad, an erotic banger, or sometimes even a comeback from a music legend. Luckily, this week, we have all of these and more, making sure to kick off your weekend by putting your most fabulous foot forward.

Take a gander into the best releases in LGBTQ+ music in this week’s edition of “bop after bop”…

“One Of Your Girls” by Troye Sivan

We’ve finally been gifted Troye Sivan’s long-awaited new album Something To Give Each Other today, but the real treat is the album’s standout track “One Of Your Girls” and its accompanying music video. Not only is the track lyrically impressive, with clever lines centered around queer yearning for guys who have never been with guys, but the song is sold by Troye’s charming speaking voice, a cadence that beckons the listener in and refuses to let you go. Bursting into the chorus with the lyrics “Give me a call if you ever get lonely / I’ll be like one of your girls or your homies”, it encapsulates the longing the song revolves around, packing a powerful punch with its layers of synths and vocal effects that give a robotic, lifeless effect to this beckoning plea for affection. It’s one of Troye’s most impressive tracks to date, and definitely his most gaggy video yet. I mean, Troye is serving in full drag while straddling Ross Lynch!? What more could we ask for? It’s been serve after serve for Troye this era, and it’s solidified his top spot not only in queer music heaven but pop star territory too. 

“Black Eye” by Allie X

Indie electro-pop princess Allie X is turning the page on her prolific career, poised to begin a new chapter with the track “Black Eye”. It’s a surreal, synth-wave, sucker punch of a song, offering bold, battered and bruised lyricism that Miss X is a master at, concentrated on the concept of welcoming the pain that may come with this new phase in the artist’s life. It’s a perfect song to drop on Friday the 13th, with its dark, spooky subtleties paired with a glitzy, 80’s analog-inspired beat. With this new bop, Allie’s got us hooked and ready for what’s to come next.

“Black Hole” by boygenius

Indie queer supergroup boygenius has dropped their new EP the rest, packed with 4 new tracks perfectly suited for sulking season. The trio, consisting of singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus, is a compelling musical triad that has solidified their status as pioneers in the indie-rock scene with their debut album the record back in March. Now, they return with its companion, comprised of remnants from their previous release that have been played on the road this past summer and now have a home for fans to enjoy. “Black Hole”, the EP’s epic opener, is a magical, cosmic force of a track that takes shape with pressing piano and Baker’s subtle delivery into a ghostly vocal chant between Bridgers and Dacus rounding out the song. It’s another triumph from the trail-blazing trio that you won’t want to leave off our autumn rotation. 

“Dying” by The Drums (feat. Rico Nasty)

Jonny Pierce, otherwise known as The Drums, has released his sixth album Jonny today, his first in over four years. Pierce bares it all with this record, not just on the cheeky album cover, but through a kaleidoscope of reflection, with melancholic songs that delve into the artist’s personal struggles, healing his inner child and grappling with queer identity. It’s infused with layers of bedroom pop, shoegaze sensibilities, shimmering vocals, and breezy guitar-driven slow jams. There are also small touches of hyper-pop in the form of a collaboration with rapper Rico Nasty, titled “Dying”, which is unlike anything both artists have done before. We see the rapper try her hand at The Drums’ signature cloudy, cathartic vocal cadence and watch in awe as Pierce welcomes Rico into his world seamlessly. A pinnacle moment for Pierce, this album is an artist at his most vulnerable and personal yet, and boy did it pay off.

“When You Really Loved Someone” by Agnetha Fältskog

ABBA legend Agnetha Fältskog is revisiting her 2013 solo album A with A+. She may have bid adieu to the glittering jumpsuits of her past, but her musical magic remains on this revamped edition of her previous work, shedding somber string arrangements and embracing the allure of dance and electronic pop. While ‘Dancing Queen’ fans may not find their beloved anthem here, A+ unveils mellower rhythms, soft synth accents, indie-pop flourishes, and Latin-inspired beats that offer a refreshing listening experience. Agnetha’s unmistakable vocals remain untouched, and the lyrical prowess of Jörgen Elofsson transforms tracks like ‘When You Really Loved Someone’ into sun-soaked anthems. A+ is a surprising return after a decade away, and Agnetha’s vocals continue to captivate ABBA enthusiasts and new fans alike.

“HIMBO” by Boy Radio

Looking for your next thirst-trap anthem? The perfect song to pair with your seductive selfie on IG? Look no further than Boy Radio’s “HIMBO”, a self-assured, sexy queer bop that sees Boy Radio going dumb, sliding on a beat with some scorching bars and a sickening flow. “On a 1, 2, 3, 4 rep kinda flow, wet from my jock in the back, I’m a dream, I’m a snack” I mean, need we say more? 

“What Am I” by Johnny Manuel

Johnny Manuel has unveiled his second EP, Blue, marking a significant evolution in his sound. The EP features his latest single, “What Am I,” a captivating ballad that finds Manuel soaring above the song’s piano arrangement in a state of melancholy, showcasing his impressive vocal delivery. The music video beautifully compliments the song’s raw emotion, depicting Johnny alone in a hotel room, pondering the meaning of moving on and loving himself instead of somebody else. With influences like Tina Turner and Sade, this project continues Johnny’s musical journey that is marked by profound self-discovery, groundbreaking queer narratives, and the cultivation of a unique place in the R&B landscape.

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