Trump Supporters Too Intolerant To Pass His “Extreme Vetting” Test

donald trump supporters
Via The Daily Show, YouTube.

Donald Trump has called for stricter immigration policies throughout his campaign and he has recently come up with a new idea he’s calling “extreme vetting.”

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Trump told a crowd in Ohio that we need to “screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles or who believe that Sharia law should supplant American law. Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration to our country.”

“My administration will speak out against the oppression of women, gays, and people of different beliefs,” he said, presumably hoping no one has been paying attention to anything he has said up to this point in the election.

The Daily Show sent a correspondent to a recent Trump rally to see if they had the degree of tolerance necessary to make it into the country. Spoilers: No, no they do not.

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From calling same-sex marriage “disgusting,” to suggesting being president is a “man’s job,” to saying they believe in religious freedom except in the case of Islam, these Trump voters represent everything their candidate claims to want to keep out of the country.

Enjoy the train wreck below.