Trump’s voter fraud hotline has backfired in epic fashion

With Joe Biden set to become the 46th President of the United States, Donald Trump still has yet to concede the race and continues to push erroneous and unfounded allegations of voter fraud to explain his historic loss. Now, ABC News reports, Trump’s attempt to paint the election as invalid has resulted in another embarrassment.

The Trump Campaign set up a voter hotline over the weekend aimed at documenting and investigating cases of voter fraud. Again, there is no evidence whatsoever of widespread voter fraud.

Maybe that’s why the hotline backfired. According to ABC: 

[T]he hotline has turned into a nightmare for some, as staffers, some of whom have contracts that expire in the coming days, have been bombarded with prank calls from people laughing or mocking them over Biden’s win before hanging up, sources tell ABC News. Prank calling the Trump campaign’s hotline has already become a trend on TikTok, the social media network that was used earlier in the year in an attempt to tank the president’s rally in Tulsa by mass-requesting tickets.

That trend has translated to Twitter, where we stumbled on some examples of prank calling the hotline. Amazingly, the operators seem to be enjoying the pranks.

We’re not encouraging anyone to commit any prank calls. But watching them still is a lot of fun.

The Trump Campaign has also begun soliciting donations from supporters to continue to investigate voter fraud and fund Trump’s legal defense. However, ABC also reports that at least 60% of all funds received will actually go to paying down the massive debts incurred by the campaign.