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“Trust men or have a hairy chest”: Gay Twitter™ makes its stance clear by showing off their fur

A close up of a man's muscular hairy chest, focusing on the pecs, with a trail of hair leading down to where the image cuts off. The man stands in front of a gray background out of focus.

To trust men or not to trust men? That is the question.

It’s also the focus of the latest meme to take over Twitter X, where users are sharing the things they’d rather have, do, or become to avoid confiding in the Y chromosome.

You know, that human species that ghosts and breaks our hearts… but we are unyieldingly attracted to? (Please note, the irony of a guy attracted to dudes writing about distrust for men is not lost on us.)

No surprise, the meme has already led to some creative –– and thirst-worthy –– executions.

However, there’s one post that captured the attention of social media gays, inspiring both cheeky discourse and photographic evidence.

And it all revolves around one simple statement: “Trust men or have a hairy chest.”

From where we’re standing, there’s two options… and we know which one we’re leaning toward.

As it turns out, a lot of queer men must not have confidence in guys either, judging by the replies and quotes.

Gays turned out in droves to clarify their stances by showing off their own fur.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words….

To be fair, this chest-hair meme celebration is especially deserved, considering societal stigmas exist around body hair.

Not to mention, there’s been a dearth of fur representation in the media since smooth bodies came en vogue. (Another reason why we were so thankful for Taylor Zakhar Perez’s hairy butt in Red, White, and Royal Blue.)

However, more of us are Team Chest Hair than you’d think.

According to a 2017 study, 58% of gay men said they preferred a furry dude compared to 61% of straight women who would rather see some smoothness.

Fittingly, the LGBTQ+ community’s response to “Trust men or have a hairy chest” was nothing short of thirsty.

In conclusion, we are eternally thankful for the assortment of hairy chests blessing our feeds. Even if it had to come from a meme.

That being said, the terms of agreement don’t exactly leave many options for the naturally smooth.

To those bare-chested boys: You may unfortunately be stuck trusting men, but at least this thread provides you with a plethora of choices!

Check out some of our favorite additions to the hairy chest discourse below. (You can thank us later!)

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