TWIST: Was Atlanta Gay-Bash Victim Brandon White Going To Out His Attackers?

First, Atlanta authorities couldn’t get Brand White, the victim of a brutal gay bashing in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood, to simply come forward. But now that White has come out and accused his attackers, questions about their motives have surfaced.

Sources now claim that the openly gay White knew his attackers and that they set upon him because he was threatening to out them as gay. Two of White’s three attackers have been arrested so far.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this revelation about White outing his attackers wasn’t dreamed up by their lawyers—a hate-crime conviction would add extra years to their sentence.  But maybe it’s true that White knew his assailants and possibly even threatened to reveal their orientation.

Does that matter? Does that make what happened not a hate crime?  Speak up in the comments section.

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