Twitter erupts in celebration as marriage equality results announced in Australia

So proud of you Australia and so happy to celebrate in #melbourne #voteyes #yes!!!

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The results of the Australian survey for marriage equality have been tallied, with respondents voting overwhelmingly in support of same-sex marriage.

In total, 79.5% of eligible voters participated, with 61.1% voting ‘yes.’

38.4% voted ‘no,’ while the remainder of the votes were unsure.

Needless to say — a victory for equality. Now it’ll be up to parliament to follow through.

Mellissa Davey of the Guardian Australia reports:

And all across Twitter, people are celebrating:

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  • DanicZee11

    Nice, good for Australians. Love is the most important.

  • Cj.

    Bravo ?? Australia! Well Done Mates and Sheilas, San Francisco Is Proud! ????

  • Jack Meoff

    Now we just need to get it through parliament before Christmas which looks highly likely at this stage. So happy at the outcome :o)

  • Kangol

    Great news! Congratulations, Australia!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Woof! You all worked so hard to achieve this. Right on. Congratulations.

  • chris33133

    This whole thing was a ridiculous charade put on by a Parliament unwilling to legislate marriage equality in the first place. At least, unlike the Brexit vote, this didn’t blow up in everyone’s face.

  • Creamsicle

    But isn’t it still non-binding?

    • OzJosh

      The vote is non-binding. A 61.7% YES vote cannot be ignored. In electoral terms that’s a huge vote. If it were in an actual election it would give the winning party an unheard-of 100 seat majority. And politicians are mostly aware that the “No” vote was mostly concentrated in specific areas: outback Australia (where it’s still the 1950s) and outer suburban areas dominated by immigrant Chinese or muslims – three groups that otherwise have little or nothing in common and therefore can’t easily be weaponised. The vote also demonstrated that the very vocal extreme-right religious conservatives (Tony Abbott, Cory Bernardi, Lyle Shelton, et al) don’t have anywhere near as much power or influence as they have pretended. Their schtick through the No campaign was to claim they were speaking for “the silent majority”. But the real silent majority voted loudly against them.

  • JessPH

    Congratulations, Australians. You definitely made the right decision. However, the indisputable fact remains THAT this poll should have NOT happened in the first place. Equal rights, fundamental rights and critical freedoms should NEVER be subject to a vote or popular opinion. What a waste of taxpayers money.

  • drmiller

    Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Australia! This is inspiring and tear-jerking news to wake up to!!!

  • silveroracle

    Congratulations Australia.
    Good to see that you’re moving forward and lots of love to LGBTQ ???? community.

  • silveroracle

    Sorry folks. The “????” Was supposed to be rainbow flag.


    It is NOT law yet.

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