TX Scientists Unearth A Way To ID John Gacy’s Eight Unknown Victims

Using modern DNA tests Texas scientists have devised a way to identify eight of Gacy’s previously unidentified victims.

Forensic scientists at the University of North Texas have taken DNA samples from the skeletal remains of eight of Gacy’s unidentified victims in hopes that prospective relatives might provide a cheek swab to help confirm their identities 30 years after Gacy’s six year long murder spree.

Gacy buried his victims in the crawlspace under his house and the resulting decomposition made them difficult to identify. In 1978 investigators had to rely entirely on dental records to ID the men and some families may have avoided coming forward to claim their bodies for fear of having their relatives associated with Gacy’s gay rape. But modern DNA testing has given today’s investigators a good shot at naming the men, if their relatives will only come forward now that anti-gay stigma has lessened somewhat.

We can’t imagine our own friends and family members going unnamed in death. Perhaps some brave people will finally help lay their gay and bisexual family members to rest.