Um, whoa. Fired federal prosecutor’s tweets have to be seen to be believed.

Nick Moutos | Twitter

A Texas assistant attorney general has been fired after several of his tweets were called out for bigotry and a general loose grasp on reality.

Nick Moutos was part of Texas’ criminal prosecutions division, but a Media Matters report released Thursday outlined why that’s the last place he should be working.

Not only does Moutos spout homophobic, racist, transphobic, misogynistic and Islamaphobic viewpoints on his feed, he also posts about QAnon conspiracy theories like Pizzagate. He’s the whole package!

Here’s one tweet the lawyer fired off this summer in response to Twitter announcing it was cracking down on abuse on its platform:

“Q must be getting close to outing you as a pedophile or child trafficker or perhaps involved with Pizzagate?” he wrote.

And that’s hardly the only red flag.

He’s also referred to house representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar as “Whores of Babylon” and posted violent rhetoric aimed at them. He went on to call Omar an “incestuous jihadi terrorist” who should be sent to Guantanamo.

Then there are his anti-LGBTQ tweets, calling trans people “abhorrent” and saying supporting queer rights is “normalizing perversion”.

Miraculously, Moutos can’t figure out why he was fired. After losing his job, he took to Twitter to play the victim, of course:

“Speaking out against the China Virus Plandemic [sic] & Democrats using it to steal Election 2020 makes people angry.

“Stories slamming me and others… were enough to cost me my job.”

In a later tweet, he pondered: “How is it ‘bigoted’ to say that LGBTQ is an abomination?”

Well it sounds like he’ll have plenty of time on his hands to work that one out.