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Unlike Rupert Everett, David Hyde Pierce Doesn’t Regret Coming Out

Oh hi, is that you Joy Behar? Oh, it is! So we must be discussing something gay? Oh, we are! Like how David Hyde Pierce was forced out of the closet by the tabloids before Fraiser aired, and nobody cared. Oh, those were the days.

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  • ksyxx

    David’s awesome. Thank god for gay men with some class and decorum

  • Taylor Siluwé

    “Miss Everett Regrets” … isn’t that a song?

    David’s a doll. But Rupert regrets coming out because — with all due respect, cuz I love his work too — he’s a pussy.

    Sorry. Had to be said.

  • Dave

    Like Rupert even had to come out…you weren’t hiding anything we already didn’t know. Never saw Frasier but David always seemed funny/open when he did the late shows.

  • Cam

    Well in all fairness, Rupert came out voluntarily, would talk about being gay on talk shows while at the height of his career. David Hyde Pierce had a story run about him being gay, then would never talk about his social life while at the height of his career, and only very recently officially came out.

  • WillBFair

    It hurt Everett’s career because he was a leading man. Leading men need to project the big, tall, hot, butch, hetero personna to draw the large demographics. A simple equation.

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