Unpopular French President Nicolas Sarkozy Desperately Woos Les Gais

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is facing a tough re-election battle against socialist rival Francois Hollande, trailing in most polls by 8 to 16 percentage points.

LifeSiteNews reports that Sarkozy and Hollande have both spoken with gay French mag Têtu, and that Sarkozy appears to be making concessions toward gay marriage.

But what Sarkozy’s offering to the gays is almost insulting. He’d like to add a ceremonial aspect to the beginning of a PACS, a weak French civil union, so it feels like more of a marriage. Said Sarkozy:

“I am ready to propose—it would be a matter of a decree—that the marriage ceremony, for a homosexual PACS, be made a right… the ceremony would permit a true social acceptance [of same-sex unions].”

Sarkozy also recognized the legitimacy of different types of families: “A family can be one father-one mother, two fathers or two mothers. I think that it’s necessary to leave the situation as it is, in a somewhat unclear area, that we are not obligated to legislate everything, to vote for laws for everything.”

Hollande, for his part, has supported gay marriage on his platform all along, and told Têtu he’ll be pushing the issue in early 2013, should he win.