UPDATE: Don’t Make Plans For High Tea At Fire Island Pines Pavilion Just Yet

This week, our big sister in sordidness, Michael Musto, ran an update on the situation on Fire Island, gay New York’s summer getaway, where the harbor area in the Pines is still recovering from a devastating fire in November.

Maybe it was the avalanche of press that greeted my running that info, but a friend on the Island now tells me that yesterday all sorts of workers were busy trying to start the Pavilion up again.

They were in heavy-duty, hopeful, productive, constructive mode.

Oh, goodie. That’ll make it so much more appealing to prospective buyers.

Fire Island Properties co-owner Andrew Kirtzman said he had no comment about the construction on the Pavilion or a possible sale. But Mark at Large, the blogger who broke the story about the Pavilion’s perilous future says Musto got it wrong:

Don’t get your hopes up boys; our favorite blogger at The Village Voice may have been given some bad intel  about New York’s famed gay resort, Fire Island. Photos taken in February 2012 and one taken as late as March 16 show the spot where the once famed Pavilion nightclub stood remains a plot of sand with no construction activity under way.

The work being done is to the adjacent structure, the La Fontaine Building, that was also destroyed in a fire last November, not the Pavilion as reported elsewhere. The La Fontaine building houses the island’s only other nightclub, Sip N Twirl. The La Fontaine owners have been diligent about posting the progress of their structure, including photos, a web cam and a sketch of the final building. This is in stark contrast to FIP Ventures that have released little to no information about the rebuilding of the Pavilion.

All we really know is the architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) and the architectural firm HWKN were hired to design a “new entertainment complex” and building permits were obtained. According to the New York Times, FIP Ventures plan to put up a temporary structure for 2012 and a permanent structure in 2013.

Judging by the photos we’ve seen, you have to wonder if Fire Island Properties will even get their temporary structure up in time. You can’t exactly stake tentpoles in the sand.

And, as Mark at Large points out, any events in a makeshift club would have to wrap up by early evening or face the wrath of irate neighbors.

So far, the winners in this situation are Sip + Twirl, which will be the only full club operating in the Pines for summer 2012, and Cherry Grove, the Pines’ neighbor across the Meat Rack. Though the Grove generally skews older and has a stronger straight and lesbian presence, we imagine Pines gaybies will be flocking there by the ferryload to get their Fire Island freak on, at least for an evening.

Photos: Mark at Large