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VIDEO: Six Reasons To Check Out RSVP’s Alaska Vacation (Did We Mention The Scenery?)


Our friends at RSVP Vacations are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year and there’s no better way to spend a week this summer than by celebrating with them. They’ll be sailing northward to Alaska from Seattle on Holland America Line’s Westerdam August 1-8, 2015.

Among the highlights are Alaska’a capital city of Juneau, with its imposing Mendenhall Glacier providing helicopter, hiking, and dog-sledding adventures. Up next is Glacier Bay, the largest protected biosphere in the world, featuring ten tidewater glaciers, majestic snow-capped mountains, and countless fjords. Then there are the island-studded waters around Sitka, which provide the best whale watching in North America.

Ketchikan presents the world’s largest collection of totem poles, the salmon run from red Creek Bridge, and snorkeling. Yes, snorkeling. RSVP’s final stop in charming Victoria, British Columbia provides cruisers with a night visit that gives them an entirely different look at the Pacific Northwest: a chance to check out the vibrant food scene and nightlife after their non-stop wilderness adventures.

Having just received the 2015 Cruzie Award for “Best All-Gay Large Cruise Company,” RSVP has been on fire lately, with staterooms for all their cruises selling in record time.

With just a few spots remaining for Alaska, you better jump quick! Here are six reasons…

1. The Ship


2. The Beauty


3. The Dogs


4. The Entertainment


5. The Parties



6. Oops, did we forget the guys?


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  • Jayemen

    Holy! Is there a man a day over 30 or a pound overweight on that boat?

  • Xzamilio

    Jeez, it’s like playing Where’s Waldo trying to spot a non-white person in that video lol!!!

  • SonOfKings

    Do they charge men over 40 five times the normal price as an age tax?

  • SonOfKings

    Or charge Black men 10 times the normal price as a race tax?

  • mike51295

    My partner and I celebrated my 60th Birthday on their 25th anniversary cruise. What a wonderful time. There all ages, shapes and sizes on board. I recommend an RSVP cruise to anyone.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Jayemen: Did you also notice there are no pancaked ass near sixty white guys in the photos who CAN afford a trip like this? Rest assured there are plenty of us who do travel and pay no attention to the twinks who are there with their sugar daddies that we know damn well are “kept” and how they “earn their keep”.

    I plan to go on my sixtieth birthday (if I make it) ALONE, if need be. Fuck the muscle-mary’s on board. I am going for the Alaskan scenery, not the Eagle (as in the bar) type scenery.

  • martinbakman

    @Jayemen: The video did show one bear. But looked like mostly gym bunnies and some woof!

  • musctop

    @Bob LaBlah: This “muscle mary” is neither a twink nor a sugar daddy. Some some guy who seems to irritate you because I care about my appearance and put in the hard work it takes to look good. Sorry my appearance offends you. Oh, and I wouldnt be caught DEAD on a gay cruise–you can see Alaska with lots of regular people on all sorts of cruise lines. If you’re taking a gay cruise then at least admit to youself you’re also there for the eye candy. Hypocrite. Groucho Marx had a great line for people like you–“I wont be a member of any club that would have ME as a member.”

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