Vietnamese Officials Can’t Handle A Sudden Influx Of Gay Erotic Novels Being Funneled Into The Country

9GatbhhoVietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication is freaking out over what it describes as a flash flood of “oversentimental sex fiction of Chinese origin” somehow making its way into the country.

That’s right, Vietnamese bookstores are being overrun with “rubbish Chinese fiction which is rife with mawkish and sexual elements,” a local newspaper reports.

According to Tuoi Tre, there are two sub-genres of erotic novel that are being snatched up by Vietnamese teenagers and young adults faster than publishers can print them.

“One comprises shoddily written soppy stories which depict promiscuous characters and their casual sexual relationships,” the newspaper claims.

Sounds hot.

“The other,” the paper continues, “is those in which the writers make it a point to describe sex scenes between characters in great, obscene detail … Among hugely popular stories are those depicting in great depth homosexual relationships.”

Even better!

The books have proved to be incredibly lucrative for Vietnamese publishers, with many titles retailing for nearly $30 US and selling millions–yes, millions–of copies. Tuoi Tre reports that some of the titles have been read “over 10 million times and receive some thousands of comments.”

Seriously, we’ve got to get our hands on one of these novels!

Ministry of Information and Communications publishing department director Chu Van Hoas says the books are toxic and is urging publishers to cease distributing the material both in print and online.

Rather than shutting down publishers or websites, however, the government plans to issue fines to any companies caught publishing the sexually graphic books, as well as encourage online platforms to monitor the kind of material it published by users.

Hmmm. 10 million copies at $30 US a pop. For some reason, we don’t see this “problem” going away any time soon.

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