Violent Homophobes Charged In Philly Gay Bashing Are Released On Bail

gay-bashing-suspects-harrigan-knott-williams-940x540The three violent homophobic assailants charged with beating a gay couple unconscious in an unprovoked gay bashing in Philadelphia on September 11th were arraigned last night and released on bail around 3:30am.

24-year-old Kathryn Knott was released on $50,000 bail, while 24-year-old Philip Williams and 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan were released on $75,000 bail.

Despite being involved in a beating that hospitalized both victims and forced one to have his jaw wired shut, they’re still all maintaining their innocence and claiming the fight was mutually initiated, as if that would make this ok.

Kathryn Knott had become the focal point of community outrage toward the case after it was learned that her father is the Chalfont, Pennsylvania police chief, a fact that could possibly explain the police department’s failure to identify the suspects (citizens did it for them), failure to arrest them within an appropriate amount of time (it took 6 days) and general careless attitude toward the case — one police source told Philly mag this week that police “don’t have time” to investigate “simple” crimes like these.

It is being reported that Knott has been suspended from her job as an emergency room technician at Lansdale Hospital, where she has worked since May 2011, due to questionable activity on her Twitter feed.

Yesterday, we reported the extreme homophobic nature of her tweets dating back several years, and several tweets that included photos of patients in the hospital, a major violation of physician-patient privilege.

According to Philly.com:

Her tweets have also drawn the attention of her employer: Abington Health is investigating her account, on which she posted complaints about unnamed patients and photos of patient X-rays and unusual injuries, including a photo of a patient’s two dismembered fingers in a plastic bag.

The tweets could violate the hospital’s patient-privacy and social-media policies, according to the statement from Abington Health.

In interviews with investigators, the victims confirmed that Harrigan was the first to yell gay slurs, and that Williams and Knott joined in the assault after it was initiated.

It appears as though the three assailants are already getting special treatment from the media. In the exclusive CBS report that aired this morning, all three got a golden edit, and all three defense attorneys were allowed to present the points of their case to the camera. No air time for the victims or any credible defense of the victims.

Yesterday, Knott’s attorney claimed his client is “not homophobic,” and that she was “merely present” when the assault occurred.

The three are expected back in court on Tuesday.

To read more about the assault, check out our previous coverage.

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