VP Joe Biden Thinks LGBT Rights Is “The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time”—Probably

Vice President Joe Biden has a way with words. It’s not necessarily a nice way with them, but you seldom forget what he’s said.

But at a meet-and-greet at a campaign office in Sarasota, Florida, Biden was downright… inaudible?

After speaking with some parents and children who had family members deployed in the Middle East, Biden singled out Linda Carragher Bourne. Bourne said something the press pool couldn’t pick up, which Biden said was, “the civil rights issue of our time.”

When reporters asked Bourne what she had talked to the VP about, she said her daughter was Miss Trans New England, and would Biden help them. “A lot of my friends are being killed, and they don’t have the civil rights yet,” said Bourne. “These guys are gonna make it happen.” (The current Miss Trans New England is Nicole Hamidi.)

The Vice President been one of the Obama Administration’s most progressive allies on gay issues. Some think his comment on Meet the Press that he was “absolutely comfortable” with marriage equality pushed President Obama to make a similar declaration soon after.

At first it wasn’t clear if Biden meant LGBT rights in general or trans issues in particular—but Bourne (below) commented about the meeting on Facebook:

THEN! As I was waving my arms like Kermit the Frog (WITH the Peace Sign, of course…smile…), he SAW ME! He said, TO ME (!!!) “Wow! Look at those EYES!!!”

He immediately came over and gave me a HUGE BEAR HUG (pics to come, on the Late News…haha!). THEN! I got to TELL him what I had to SAY! Yup. Y’all guessed it! I spoke (babbled? I pray not…) about Civil Rights for Trans People, about the hatred, the murders, the UTTER NECESSITY to protect Our Trans Citizens!

He actually had a conversation with me about “it all.” He declared his Support, his DEVOTION to Civil Rights for ALL Peoples, and specifically Transgender Folks! It was a miraculous (to me) and Magical Moment In Time. I felt ZERO Bullshite coming from him. ZERO!!! He’s in our Corner, Friends!!! And. He has Obama’s “ear!” YAYYYYYYY!!!!

If nothing else, I feel as though, today, I was “gifted” with the opportunity to SPEAK UP! For ALL OF US!!! *happy gettin’ the word out dancin’* 🙂

Photo: Facebook