Knock 'em 'Dead'

‘The Walking Dead’ defends gay storyline; epically shuts down haters

Jelani Alladin & Nico Tortorella in ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’

The people behind the new Walking Dead spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond have issued an epic clap back at viewers who have criticized the show for the inclusion of a queer couple.

In the series, security guard Felix Carlucci (Nico Tortorella) and his boyfriend Will Campbell (Jelani Alladin) have their love tested–not to mention their lives–as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Predictably, homophobes have taken to social media to blast the show over pushing a queer “agenda.” The Walking Dead‘s Twitter account issued a sharp rebuke to the haters on January 25.

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“Hi, hello. If LGBTQ+ characters on television (or anywhere) make you uncomfortable or angry, please unfollow us,” the account wrote. “While we also encourage you to look within and be more accepting, know that there is no place in our fandom for hateful discrimination or willful ignorance. Thank you.”

Predictably, homophobes continued to troll The Walking Dead Twitter account following the tweet.

“Being uncomfortable with something a person does doesn’t make you a hateful person,” wrote user @CoreyHobbsEcho.

“Series was worth watching while the story was the most important aspect of it… now is identity politics and belittling fans,” tweeted user @frankrafael1. “No wonder viewership [sic] is low, keep using the same formula and go broke.”

The Walking Dead: World Beyond debuted in October 2020 to mixed reviews. Despite network AMC marketing the show as a limited series, the network has announced a second season set to debut sometime this year.